10 Ideas to Include Your Dog in Your Wedding 

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Chances are your dog is the love of your life. Sure, you might be getting married and blah blah blah, but your dog has your heart, first and foremost. With your wedding coming up, you’re planning all the ways you can profess your love to your partner. But why not let your dog celebrate as much as the two of you? 

If you and your partner’s dog are at the center of your relationship, you should consider featuring your dog in your wedding ceremony. Just imagine your pal’s panting, gleeful face looking up at the two of you, happy to have their forever pawrents getting married. 

But you may be asking “How do I incorporate dogs into weddings?” From having your dog carry your custom mens’ wedding bands to the altar, to making their face the highlight of your wedding, here’s how you and your partner can expertly incorporate your dog. 

  1. Include them in engagement photos. 

First and foremost, get them in on your engagement photo shoot. Chances are you want to break the news in an exciting way. Why not use your dog as the focus? It could be as simple as a photo of you and your to-be spouse and your dog holding a sign that says, “They said yes!” 

  1. Dress up your pup.

You should make sure your dog is dressed up if you’re planning on featuring them on the day of. For male dogs, that can include a little tuxedo and a bowtie; for female dogs, that can include a dress, a little headdress, and a floral garland. 

  1. Have them walk you down the aisle.

The groom tends to walk to the altar on his own, often not even taking the aisle. Where’s the fun in that? You should get as much pomp and circumstance as your to-be partner! Take a procession down the aisle with your dog leading the way. Not only are guests bound to get a hearty laugh from it, but your dog will appreciate the sincere attention. 

newlyweds take photo with pup

  1. Let them walk the aisle on their own.

If you don’t feel like walking the aisle, you can let your dog do it on their own. It’s a small gesture that will show your dog how much you care and show off his or her skills. 

  1. Decorate them with greenery and flowers. 

Who needs a flower girl when you can use a flower pup? Cover your dog in a wreath of greenery and flowers and let them walk the aisle to great fanfare. 

  1. Keep them by your side at the altar.

You can consider having your dog by your side if they follow you everywhere you go. Consider them your best man, beside you through thick and thin. 

  1. Make them the ring bearer.

If you and your partner got your dog together, it’s likely they made your relationship much stronger than it already was. Having a dog is like raising a child, especially when done with a partner. So why not feature your dog in the greatest way? 

You should have your dog be your ring bearer. Not only will it feel special to have your dog deliver you and your partner’s wedding bands, but their smiling face will certainly take the wedding over the top. 

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  1. Use their image for decorations (stationery, cards, cardboard cutouts, etc.).

Use your dog throughout your wedding’s decorations. This can include featuring photos of your dog on stationery, cards, and more. You can even show them off with some cardboard cutouts if they cannot be in attendance during your ceremony or reception. 

  1. Include your dog on your wedding cake.

You and your spouse don’t have to be the only toppers on your wedding cake. Get a little topper made for your dog, so they can join you on top of the celebratory dessert. 

  1. Ask for donations to give to a local animal shelter.

Last, instead of wedding gifts, consider asking for donations from your guests. You can donate the money to a local rescue or another animal cause that you care about. While you’re not necessarily involving your dog, it’s an exceptional way to give back to dogs in your region.

boston terrier at bride grooms feet

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

Now is the time to put a ring on that finger, cementing yourselves as proper dog pawrents. Make your combined love for them last a lifetime by tying the knot, already. While you’re at it, do all you can to incorporate them into the ceremony. Their beautiful face will take your wedding to the next level. 

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