7 Low-Key Wedding Bands for Shy Guys

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Think of yourself as a bit of an under-the-radar type of dude? We know not everyone appreciates the boisterousness of turquoise or the boldness of camo, and that doesn’t make you boring or basic. Maybe you lean more classic (gold), relaxed (wood), or introverted (titanium)? Maybe your tastes are all-around practical, no frills required. Maybe you fancy yourself a minimalist to the core. Regardless of how you self-identify, Manly Bands has the perfect men’s wedding bands to showcase your unique sense of style. Today, we’re focusing on rings for the shy guys out there.

1. The Savant Tungsten Wedding Band – When you don’t want to draw attention to yourself but still want to say “I have excellent taste,” rock the Savant. This handsome tungsten wedding ring is subtle yet intriguing, with a matte brushed center and beveled edge that give the tungsten carbide a little something extra. The understated aesthetic of this ring reflects your personality to a T—inconspicuously interesting.

2. The Architect Titanium Wedding Band – The Architect is for the low-key guys out there who prefer a classically masculine aesthetic. Think Johnston & Murphy loafers and silk ties. With a titanium construction and a laser-etched texture bringing some style to the exterior, this unique men’s wedding band looks totally down-to-earth from afar but tells a fascinating story when you get up-close and personal.

The Gentleman Tungsten Wedding Band3. The Gentleman Tungsten Wedding Band – If you consider yourself a perfect gentleman with refined taste, you’ll adore The Gentleman. This anything-but-basic style combines tungsten carbide with 18-karat rose gold plating for a look that’s unexpectedly debonair without being flashy or over-the-top. The textured tungsten inlay is edgy but softened by the rose gold edges and interior.

4. The Luchese Black Zirconium Wedding Band – A no fuss, charcoal gray zirconium ring with a distressed finished, The Luchese appeals to the shy guys who loves a good camp fire surrounded by close friends. It has an expressed simplicity about it that radiates with supremely down-to-earth guys, especially the writers, bikers, and travelers out there.

The Cousteau Wooden Wedding Band5. The Cousteau Wooden Wedding Band – Named after the French explorer, conservationist, naval officer, and all-around badass, The Cousteau is for the man with a low-key exterior and an adventurous soul. It’s grounded in a Koa wood construction and gets a unique upgrade with the double copper inlay. It’s perfect for the soul-searcher who loves a quiet vacation on a tropical island or in a secluded cabin.

6. The McKinley Titanium Wedding Band – This one’s for the minimalists out there. Featuring a brushed titanium exterior with a whiskey barrel sleeve, The McKinley looks simplistic on the outset but, when you dig deeper, has layers and layers to discover. It may look like basic wood, but it’s crafted from a real whiskey barrel and, if barrels could talk, we bet it would have a lot to say. The combination of shiny titanium and earthy wood brings understated style perfect for all you low-key ring-shoppers out there.

Let Your Band Show Your Personality

You may be shy, but you’re sure not devoid of style. With the huge selection of one-of-a-kind,

handcrafted wedding bands from Manly Bands, you’ll be able to perfectly capture your individual sense of style and personality and wear it on your ring finger for a lifetime. Make sure

to explore our complete selection of unique wedding bands for a full-blown jewelry shakeup.

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