Couples' Wedding Rings: Do They Really Need to Match?

Couples' Wedding Rings: Do They Really Need to Match?

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Couples Wedding Rings

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Look, there’s a fine line between being a couple who has a tasteful set of complementary wedding rings and being that couple. You know, the ones who make others uncomfortable just by their very presence. Weird couples’ costumes, baby talk, the whole thing. Let's talk about Couples' Wedding Rings.

Now, if you’re confident you can walk the line of presentably matching without making everyone within a five-mile radius squirm, go get yourself a couple of matching wedding rings. Not your thing? That’s okay, too! Shop one of officially licensed collections - like our Game of Thrones Rings or DC Comic Rings - to find rings with a similar visual aesthetic to bond them together without sacrificing originality!

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A Little History

So, yes, traditionally, wedding bands have matched or at the very least are quite complementary. The idea here was that matching wedding rings were a sign of commitment and mutual respect (though that might seem superfluous considering you already got married, but we digress). While that’s definitely still quite normal and perfectly fine, modern couples aren’t necessarily walking the party line on this issue.

Why Would You Want Your Rings to Match?

The Good Looks 

Aesthetic reasons, at a minimum, dictate matching wedding rings. Wearing a wedding ring says you’re married, but wearing matching wedding rings suggests you might be married to the person you’re sitting next to. Are people going to be analyzing your respective left fourth fingers that closely? Unlikely, but it’s still a nice look. 

Dolla Dolla Bills

Another main reason is cost. Do you want to lean into the modern look of new-age men’s wedding bands, but your fiancé has more classic style leanings? Perfectly fine, but it’ll probably cost just a bit more. Do you want to get a nice set of matching wedding rings for couples? That can actually save you a bit of money compared to getting rings in different styles. 

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Why Wouldn’t You Want Your Rings to Match?

Different Strokes

For starters, you might just have different tastes and style leanings. Do you often show up to places looking like you’re going to two different events? If so, assuming that doesn’t bother you, why mess with tradition? If you’ve got a cool blend of unique and different styles, let your rings express that for you. No need to suppress your style leanings with something that you’re buying for the long haul anyway. 

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There are so many cool materials and stylings on the wedding ring market today that the sky is really the limit. Gone are the days when you had gold or silver, and that was about it. With so many new materials to choose from, maybe your tastes are going to diverge even more. Could be pretty cool to see what you both come up with separately.

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Going Custom

While there’s no rule that says you can’t get custom wedding rings that match, maybe you have two different visions in mind. If that divergence in style ideal is a feature and not a bug for you, then go wild. Customize to your heart’s desire. It’s becoming a more popular choice anyway. This is also a good way for Couples' Wedding Rings to get made.

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Maybe you’re blending cultures or traditions between the two families. If you both have heritages that you’re proud of and you want to incorporate those in your rings, going custom and not matching them may be your best bet. Of course, when going custom, you can match or complement as well, but that’s really your call. 

Individual Shopping

Sure, you can shop for wedding rings with your fiancé. We’re not here to tell you not to. That being said, if you both tend towards being independent types, going off on your own in search of your perfect ring might be quite appealing.

Wedding traditions are changing rapidly before our eyes. The idea that wedding rings have to match is one of those changing ideas. If you want a matching set, then, by all means, match away. If you opt not to, though, you won’t be out of place.

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