From Diamonds to Love Letters: 6 Ways to Surprise Bae on Your Wedding Day

From Diamonds to Love Letters: 6 Ways to Surprise Bae on Your Wedding Day

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How do you tell your to-be spouse you love them? You’re about to on your wedding day! Once that men’s black diamond wedding band is wrapped around your finger, you have committed yourself to your relationship. You’re going to recite your vows in front of everyone and seal the deal, but how can you show your love in another way? In particular, can you take them by surprise on your big day? 

Instead, let your love speak for itself. Make it personal, unique, and thoughtful. Here are our favorite ways to surprise bae on your wedding day.

1. Write them a love letter.

Sometimes it’s the simplest thing that matters most. Whether it’s a poem or a straightforward love letter, pour your heart out to them. You’re about to commit your lives to one another. Even if you have your vows written out verbatim, now is the time to tell them what you don’t want to say in front of others. 

Heartfelt, wholesome, raunchy, explicit, heart on your sleeve, weak in the knees: However you’re feeling, tell them what you’re thinking. From the first minute you saw them to the moments prior to you walking down the aisle, you should tell them exactly how you feel. 

2. Wake them up to a fresh-made breakfast.

Who doesn’t love breakfast in bed? And on your wedding day? That can’t be beaten. Start their day off with a bang by providing them with breakfast they’ll never forget. Whether you go for a 5-star restaurant breakfast tray or late-nite diner food, make what you know will steal your partner’s heart. 

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3. Take a moment away.

Make a stop-off between your wedding ceremony and reception. That brief moment away can mean a lot, especially if your spouse has been feeling stressed over the wedding. Go for a short walk together to decompress or ask the limo driver to take you on a detour. Whether it’s a quick round of minigolf in your wedding attire or stopping by a bar for a drink, it’s a brief reprieve from the usual wedding activities that’s sure to feel more personal. 

4. Get them a sweet gift. 

This could be candy if you want to take “sweet” literally, or you could make it a little more personal. Think of the things they’ve told you over the time you’ve been together, from what they love most to their most cherished memories. Those little insights can help you get a perfect gift that’s sure to mean a lot on the day of. 

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5. Get your wedding rings secretly engraved.

If you didn’t get your wedding rings engraved, now might be the time to surprise them. We recommend using phrases or words that mean the most to you—stay away from the generic. Does she call you Big Sugar and do you call her Boo Berry? Well, engrave it on each other’s rings. It’s a simple way to personalize your rings and an excellent way to surprise them on the day of. 

6. Practice your dance moves.

If you’ve never danced for your partner before, now is the time. Learn some killer dance moves in the months and weeks leading up to your wedding reception. Not only will everyone in attendance be surprised by your moves, but your spouse is sure to be on the ground either amazed, laughing hysterically, or incredibly impressed. It’s a win for you whatever their reaction, as it shows you put in the work to impress them on your big day. 

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You shouldn’t skimp on your big day. Today is the day to pull out all the stops, showing and telling your partner each and every way you love them. Whether it’s wedding day diamonds or a love note that’ll leave your partner in tears, surprise them in ways that show they matter more than anyone else. 

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