Get Hitched In Style: 6 One-of-a-Kind Wedding Rings for Men

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We’re gonna go out on a limb here and guess that you’re a true-blue one-of-a-kind. You may or may not scoff at the idea that men’s wedding rings should all be the same—yellow, shiny, exactly like your dad’s and grandpa’s—and it ain’t your thing. While there’s nothing against the traditional gold wedding band, it’s just not your lane, plain and simple. We respect all the fashion trailblazers, rule-breakers, and boundary-pushers out there, and we’re celebrating you with this list of one-of-a-kind men’s wedding rings.

  1. The Ibex – If you really want a wedding ring you know no one else could ever have, you’ve got to combine materials that can’t be replicated. In the case of the Ibex—one of our most popular men’s tungsten wedding bands—there’s a zero percent chance of replicating, thanks to the combination of gold-plated tungsten, deer antler, and No one will ever be able to copy the unique patterns and grains of these materials. But, damn, they sure look good together.
  1. The Atlantis – This dazzling display of swag takes on individuality by way of layered 14-karat yellow gold, genuine turquoise, and koa wood, making it a top pick for the dude out there who fancies the tropics. Its bright blue stone inlay gives it pizzazz like you never thought possible, while the dark wood and gold combo give it a tiny bit of a classic vibe. Perfect for the dude who’s traditional and rustic with a surfer twist.

The Mr Swagger

  1. The Mr. Swagger – For the guy who believes fashion should be bold and interesting, the Mr. Swagger is your match. It’s made of handcrafted acid-finished Damascus steel with a meteorite inlay and wood sleeve, meaning no one else in the world will have one just like it. We’re crazy about the super-mesmerizing, zebra-like swirls of this trend-setting wedding band.
  1. The Intimidator – Mixed media is the material of choice with this wearable work of art. It combines eye-catching Damascus steel with authentic Gibeon meteorite for some million-year-old originality, plus red Cerakote for a pop of bright color, genuine black dinosaur bone for some smart guy swagger, and a punky acid finish in gunmetal for a pop of authority. This ring is just like you, in that it can’t be pigeon-holed, yet it’s totally
  1. The MontanaIf you’re a well-dressed dude with a cowboy soul, you’ll love the Montana. This rose-gold-plated tungsten wedding band breaks the cycle of boring with a strip of genuine deer antler, providing a supremely stylish twist on the typical gold band. The flat design and brushed finish give it a strength and command you just wouldn’t get with the standard gold wedding ring, yet it isn’t overwhelmingly unique.

The Adelson

  1. The AdelsonNothing about this ring says “basic.” From its unique square domed design to its inimitable acid finish, the Adelson piles on the ring finger personality. The swirling black-on-steel design was handcrafted, so you know yours is going to be a genuine original to perfectly match your personality. This ring is all tough guy on the outside but is finished with a cool burlwood sleeve to signify your inner woodsman.

Handcrafted + Engraved = A True OOAK

All of our handcrafted men’s wedding bands, including the ones showcased above, cannot be replicated. You know that, when you’re buying one from Manly Bands, you’re getting a 100 percent one-of-a-kind ring, with no two alike. If you’d like to make your wedding band even more unique to you—your personality, your sense of style, and even your special love story—make sure to select a wedding ring that can be engraved. Think of the engraving as your stamp of originality to ensure that no one has one quite like yours!

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