Keep It Laid Back: 7 Casual Wedding Ideas

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What makes a good wedding? Your fiancée and parents might say lights, flowers, photos, celebrations, and more. But you don’t need to go over the top to make a good wedding. 

If you’re looking for a low-key wedding, you’re in need of casual wedding ideas. Maybe you want to know how to have a personalized wedding or you want a micro-wedding—one meant for just you and your closest family and friends. 

So, where do you start? You’re going to need some casual wedding ideas to get yourself started. Here are a few to get you and your partner off on the right foot. 

  1. Get comfortable 

You don’t have to be dressed to the nines to have a great wedding. Sure, it’s tradition to get dressed up, put on your Sunday best, and give everyone a show. But do what feels right to you. 

If you’re having a beach wedding, that could include guests coming in sundresses, shorts, boat shoes, sandals, wide-brimmed hats, and more. A mountain-top wedding could include rain jackets, hiking boots, technical pants, and more. 

Just make sure you and your to-be spouse are on the same page. You’ll want to make sure that you hit your theme while keeping everything copacetic. 

  1. Have fun with your RSVPs

Casual doesn’t mean boring. Think of business casual: jeans and a t-shirt? Now, that’s a party ready to pop off. 

You and your partner should get creative with your RSVP notes. When we say casual, we mean fun. Don’t use the usual engagement photos with a cursive font atop. It’s been done before. Have a fun photoshoot. Do it all in costume. Reenact some silly movie scenes. Better yet, make a movie poster for your wedding. You can provide guests with specially made tickets that grant them entrance into your ceremony and reception. 

  1. Cut the guest list down 

As mentioned above, a casual wedding can look like a micro-wedding: a wedding where you keep as tight a guest list as possible. This will look like a small entourage of bridesmaids and groomsmen, as well as your closest family. No second aunts and fifth cousins; just the closest people in your life. 

pair grooms laughing at wedding reception

  1. Make some crazy cocktails

All right, no wedding is perfect without go-to cocktails. That’s why you and your partner should curate a list of cocktails that go the distance, from right after the ceremony all the way to the end of the reception. If either of you aren’t master bartenders, you should consider hiring one from your area. They’ll help you curate an incredible menu that your guests are sure to remember. 

  1. Get outside

Don’t worry about renting a massive reception hall. Instead, use the backyard of one of your parents or your own and have a great time. No-fuss, no insane rental fee; just a little sweat required for setup, and you’ve got a great place to celebrate your wedding. 

  1. Comfort food is the way to go

Foofoo food can be fun, but not everyone wants tapas. If you and your families like to eat with your hands, you should go all-out with a comfort food reception. But if you’re having a backyard barbecue, make sure you have enough napkins to keep everyone’s clothes clean. 

  1. Stress-free is the way to go 

The best thing you can do is remove all the stress you can. All of the above helps to reduce stress by providing you with a more calming, affordable environment, but you can do more. Another great way is to get yourself a bodyguard (of sorts). 

They don’t have to be menacing, nor do they have to physically throw out guests. But you should use your entourage, particularly any people good at diffusing stress, to your benefit. In the event that some family drama breaks out or someone gets too drunk, they can step in and diffuse the situation for you. It’s a simple way to keep the stress from getting to you, allowing you to actually enjoy your big day. 

taking photos of newlyweds dancing

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