Tips on How to Announce Your Engagement

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You and your partner finally decided you’ll be tying the knot. Maybe you already have a date set; maybe you’re both willing to play it by ear, taking a few years to get to your big day. Whether you’re in a rush to move from engagement to marriage, the two of you might be frantically Googling one question: “How to announce engagement?”

Chances are that the two of you are unsure how to break the news: Do you keep the news in-person or do you just settle on a straightforward digital announcement? It will depend on both your styles. If you’re both the sentimental type—the kind to cry while watching The Notebook—breaking the news in person might be the way to go. It allows you to see the reactions of everyone and share warm hugs and tears. 

However, if you’re both the blunt type—the kind who refuses to beat around the bush—you might decide to settle on a simple Instagram story. But there are other ways besides this. There’s no one method you have to rely on. 

You and your partner can answer your “How to announce an engagement?” Google search by simply being yourselves. Show off your fiancée’s engagement ring, flaunt your silicone wedding bands. To shirk tradition, consider thinking of a unique way to digitally announce your engagement. Here are a few ideas that will allow you to have some fun while letting the world know you’ll be tying the knot soon. 

  1. Keep it real.

Let’s be honest; it’s more fun to see people’s reactions face to face. It’s more exciting to see your parents react in person than over Facetime. If you have the opportunity to break the news in the flesh, you should do so. Make it a surprise, too. Don’t mention anything, and ask your partner to flash their ring so it eventually gets everyone’s attention. 

  1. An Instagram post goes a long way.  

If you want to get it done and over with, jump on Instagram and put out a simple, straightforward post. You don’t even have to get flashy with it—no facetuning required! Take a photo with one another, one where you’re showing off the ring and another where you’re kissing. Boom. Simple, straightforward, done. 

  1. Tell about the future to come.  

If one or two of you already have a pet or child, you can use them to break the news of your engagement. This could include a photo of your dog wearing a sign that says “They said yes!” or “Meet my forever pawrents!” 

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  1. Put TikTok to use. 

Tiktok is a behemoth. Social media is a massive machine, and TikTok has certainly risen to the top of the ranks these last few years, propelling some teens to stardom and fame. You’ve probably used the app yourself, or you’ve been shown a video before. Suffice to say: Everyone uses or knows of TikTok. 

So put it to use. If you and your partner are prepared to become famous, now is the time to create a TikTok dance, take part in a challenge, or go all-out and create a couple’s account. That is if you can stomach it. 

  1. Make a creative video announcement.

Have you ever seen a YouTube video and thought, “Damn, I wish I had made that.” Now is your time. Learn the basics of iMovie, Sony Vegas, or Adobe Premiere and create a fun, artistic video that announces your engagement. It could be as simple as reenacting it in a comedic way or creating a five-minute film that replays your entire relationship. Whatever it is, tug at your audience’s heartstrings. It might not be submitted for Cannes, but you can act like it is. 

  1. Write and release a song. 

It’s easier than ever to get your music online. Break the news through song. Want to make it a fun journey for every listen? Set up the narrative that leads to asking for your partner’s hand in marriage. Last, have them respond “Yes.” It could sound something like this *cue ripping lead guitar and drum fill*:

I love you with all my heart

I’ve known it right from the start

Will you make our love true? 

(Yeah, I’ll say I do)

Will you be mine? (I’ll say I do)

Will you marry me? (I’ll say I do)

Forever and ever? (I’ll say I do)

So will I (Let’s say I do)

Just don’t steal our lyrics. That took, like, two months to write. 

couple show engagement ring while live streaming

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If you haven’t put a ring on that finger yet, get to it! Most of the fun is sharing the news with all of your loved ones, along with looking forward to your wedding day. And don’t be afraid to get yourself a ring, too, like a silicone wedding band. You deserve it! You and your partner should be able to share the news with everyone you meet.

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