Wedding Hashtag Generator: 5 Reasons Why Automated Tools Don't Give You The Best Hashtags

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Planning a wedding in today’s tech-savvy times means you need a hashtag, and for the easiest way to get one, you should use a wedding hashtag generator. Luckily, there’s no shortage of hashtag generators online, so creating a wedding hashtag that fits your love story should be a snap. Unfortunately, the mainstream wedding industry doesn’t cater to individuality, which results in recycling the same old puns and clichés we see all over Pinterest every day. 

At Manly Bands, your uniqueness is celebrated, which is why we create our rings with a vast array of materials to cater to your specific interests. Our hunting fanatic groom with the shotgun barrel wedding ring isn’t going to have the same taste as our astronomy-loving groom with a meteorite wedding band - and their wedding should reflect their unique style! So, if you want a hashtag that’s truly unique to you and your partner, a hashtag generator may not do the trick. 

What Is A Wedding Hashtag Generator?

First, let’s talk about what a wedding hashtag generator is. A hashtag generator is an online tool designed to help you find suitable wedding hashtags for sharing and grouping all of your images and posts. Think of it as an artificial intelligence program that analyzes some basic information that you enter and returns some ideas for wedding hashtags that you can use. In Manly Bands lingo, it’s the equivalent of all the boring gold wedding bands you see in most jewelry stores. There’s nothing wrong with them, but they just aren’t made with your personality in mind. 

How Does A Wedding Hashtag Generator Work?

It’s pretty simple. All you have to do is enter some basic information such as both of your names and indicate which last name you’re both going to take, and then click on generate hashtags. That’s it! And since many are free wedding hashtag generators, it won’t affect your wedding budget at all. Immediate results, easy to use, and free may sound like a dream come true, but sometimes these can lead you to lackluster results. 

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5 Reasons Why Wedding Hashtags Generators Don't Give You The Best Hashtags

If creativity and wordsmithing aren’t your thing, a wedding hashtag generator may be exactly what you need. But there are some downsides to using a computer-generated service. Here are some reasons why a wedding hashtag generator may not be the best option. Of course, they’re easy to use, generate immediate results, and many times they’re free, but does that mean they’re the way to go? Here are some reasons why a hashtag generator might not give you the best wedding hashtags.  

1. Lack Of Originality

Hashtag generators are quick, easy to use, and most are free to use. But if you’re looking for an original and unique hashtag, it may not be the best service to use. A hashtag generator works because it just takes your two names and returns as many combinations as they can. So, unless you have unique names, there’s an excellent chance that the results will be pretty common and probably already used by other couples. 

The goal of the wedding hashtag is to group “your” photos together in an online social photo album. If your hashtag is too generic or common, your photos will end up getting grouped with other wedding photos - which completely defeats the purpose. 

2. Created By A Computer, Not Real People

Computers lack the emotional side of things, and many free hashtag services use the same words over and over again. However, if you create your own hashtag or if you have a team of professional wedding hashtag writers like the Wedding Hashers create your hashtag, you’re able to use more than just your names to come up with ideas. You can incorporate shared hobbies, interests, where you met, inside jokes, punny phrases, and more to make the hashtags as unique as one of our custom wedding bands

3. You Get What You Pay For 

Oh, yes! The saying you get what you pay for is undoubtedly true. And when it’s free, you can bet it’s not going to be a revolutionary hashtag. When you use a free wedding hashtag generator,  you can bet the quality of the hashtags is lower than having a real-life writer script it. Some of them will be so basic, boring, and common that you’ll dismiss them immediately. Free is great! We get it. We all love free things. But when it comes to your wedding, free is not always best. Invest a small amount in a professional hashtag writer so that you can have a totally unique, catchy, and unforgettable wedding hashtag. You’ll be glad you did.

4. Satisfaction Not Guaranteed 

Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life, and you want it to be perfect. Creating an experience that your guests won’t forget starts with the perfect hashtag. When you use a hashtag writing service or create your own, you’re guaranteed to walk away with the hashtag that’s unique to your love story. With a wedding hashtag generator, more often than not, you’ll just walk away disappointed with your results

5. Generated Hashtags Don’t Have The WOW Factor

Computer spun hashtag ideas tend to be too familiar and can definitely be lacking in the WOW factor category. A hashtag for your wedding is something that you create when you first get engaged and can be used to generate excitement for the big day. The last thing you want is to have a boring hashtag, lacks personality, and doesn’t fit your event or love story. 

Instead of spinning your wheels trying to create an original hashtag yourself, or getting boring results from a wedding hashtag generator, spend a little dough and hire a professional hashtag writer. We promise it’ll be worth every penny because it becomes your slogan for life, and it should be just as unique as your journey in love. 

Top Wedding Hashtag Generator Alternative: Wedding Hashers 

If you don’t want to write your own wedding hashtag, and the generators are creative enough for you, hire a professional writing service such as Wedding Hashers. 

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What Is Wedding Hashers?

Wedding Hashers is a company that offers both a hashtag generator service and a team of talented and creative writers that can design a hashtag for your wedding that’s as unique, catchy, and unforgettable as you are. 

By using a professional hashtag writing service, you get a team of dynamic writers that use several details from a short questionnaire that you complete to create your ultimate wedding hashtags. They use a combination of things like your names, inside jokes, hobbies, first date location or where you met, and even the wedding venue. So pretty much anything that’s unique to you as a couple can be used to create a personal wedding hashtag reflecting that. 

We think you’ll agree that real people are definitely better than a computer. Don’t get us wrong, our lives without computers would be a mess, but when it comes to creating something that’s truly unique, you need a real person. Your love story is full of life, memories, and emotions, and no computer could ever capture that and turn it into an epic wedding hashtag. So if you’re on the fence about whether to use a wedding hashtag generator or a professional writing service, here are some things to consider. 

Professional Team Of Hashtag Writers

Having a team of professional and dynamic hashtag writers will ultimately help you create a catchy and unforgettable hashtag for your special day. No doubt, their creativity and wordsmithing abilities will create a hashtag that’ll help set the tone for your day as well as get everyone excited for what’s to come. Ditch the free services that generate mundane and overused hashtags and hire some dynamic writers to create a hashtag you can be proud of. 

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When you pay for a wedding hashtag writer, you’re guaranteed to be satisfied. The team works closely with you to get a feel for what you want, and if you’re not totally satisfied with the initial results, they’ll tweak them until you get the perfect one. Your wedding hashtag is an integral part of your wedding planning as it can become your slogan for life. So don’t skimp on the small fee that’s needed for a professional writer to create something truly captivating. 

Creating An Unforgettable Wedding Experience

We all know how important wedding rings are - which is why we have devoted ourselves to creating beautiful wedding bands that cater to all types of men, not just the gold standard. When it comes to planning an unforgettable wedding experience, even the smallest of details, like your wedding hashtag, matter. Your journey to find love is unique, and your wedding hashtag should be as well. Celebrating with family and friends via an online social photo album using your custom hashtag is the wave of the future. So, create a wedding hashtag and slogan for life that can follow you along with each of your milestones today. 

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