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2019 Holiday Gift Guide

2019 Holiday Gift Guide


Manly Bands

At Manly Bands, we know each manly man is unique, and we appreciate every dang one of them. But we also know some of these guys are hard to shop for, maybe even straight up impossible. You won’t find their gifts on any cluttered store rack or on the bottom of some picked-over bin left from a Black Friday sale. They deserve something awesome, just like them.

For starters, what about that ring they will wear forever? Skip the boring stuff from traditional jewelers and go for something they’ll be proud of. Available in sizes up to 17 and a variety of materials from gold to dinosaur bone, Manly Bands offers rings for the distinguished gent and badass alike. And right now, use the code GIFT15 to get 15% off your order. Sorry—that elaborate custom ring you’ve got in mind will need to be full price, but it’ll be sooo worth it. Once you’ve got a band (or two) picked out and shipped, here are some more gift ideas that will score you some major points this holiday.


Groovy Groomsmen Gifts

Groovy GroomsmenOur Take: You know when you find a gift and think “This looks like Joe”? Well, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts takes that very literal. They offer a ton of items that are engraved or feature other customized touches (personal bobblehead, anyone?), to make them awesome keepsakes. Our fave for the holiday season: The Pic Pint. It’s perfect for the guy who not only deserves a toast, but also should have his face engraved on his very own glass. Slap an inside joke or nickname on it too and he’ll definitely smile, sip after sip.

The Official Word: From commemorative footballs to carved baseball bats, Groovy Groomsmen Gifts finally lets the guys show off their unique and crafty sides when it comes to their big day. To bring the Pic Pint to life, just send them any photo you want and their amazing laser engraving artist will engrave it on a beautiful beer glass. Cheers!


GoTie.comOur Take: Someone once said, “Time waits for no Manly Man”...or something like that. So shave off precious seconds, minutes or (cough) hours it takes to tie a traditional tie and go with this ingenious design. It’s magically self tied and adjusts for anyone 5 foot to 7, sliding up and down for the perfect fit. Now, don’t you clean up quickly?

The Official Word: GoTie.com boasts over one million patented ties sold, with customers ranging from airline pilots to farmers and everyone in between. Their ties are designed and handmade in Colorado with a range of widths, colors and smart fabrics. Save 30% this holiday when you use the promo code MANLY.

KORE Essentials

Kore EssentialsOur Take: Some people see everyday items and just accept them. Awesome people strive to improve them. That’s what KORE Essentials did to the common belt. In classic or tactical styles, their design eliminates the need for holes thanks to an innovative track system that perfects the fit down to a ¼ of an inch. Available in a variety of colors and durable materials with mix and match buckles to suit your mood, this belt may be the only one you will ever need, no matter how much figgy pudding you eat.

The Official Word: 

KORE Essentials are redesigning men’s gear, one accessory at a time. They are driven by next-level innovation, superior materials and creative designs. Since their first belt creation in 2013, they’ve since launched multiple Kickstarter projects and branched out into other accessories including wallets, sunglasses, keychains and more. Check them out at koressentials.com and get 15% off your purchase with the code MANLYBANDS.

Lox Hair Wax Company

Lox Hair Wax CompanyOur Take: Within every well-groomed man is a mighty savage ready for battle. And whether your guy rocks a rugged beard, awesome ‘stache or captivating pompadour, Lox Hair Wax Co. has some all-natural goodies to keep him looking sharp. And just for the holidays, they’re selling gift sets of Christmas-scented wax for his hair and robust coffee for him to sip stoically while staring off into the distance.

The Official Word: A veteran-owned company, Lox is inspired by the age-old tradition of soldiers polishing their uniforms and grooming their hair before going into battle. They are committed to making products that are all natural while also giving back to the veteran community. Check out their beard oils, pomades, tattoo brighteners and more.

A Bar Above

A Bar AboveOur Take: Any Manly Man will feel like a pro mixologist with the quality tools from A Bar Above, made by and for bartenders. The perfect starter set, this stainless-steel barware kit includes a mixer, strainer and jigger. All that’s needed for a superior cocktail at home is the booze, garnishes and a little bit of know how. Warning: after whipping up some tasty concoctions, he may suggest opening up his own bar and then attempt to spin bottles in the kitchen—better get your camera ready.

The Official Word: Founded by husband and wife bartenders Chris and Julia Tunstall, A Bar Above is dedicated to the bartender community, from the average Joe at home to the experts. They sell some of the best barware you can buy, host the Mixology Talk Podcast and share tips and tricks on their blogs and videos.

Pure Cut Supplements

Pure Cut SupplementsOur Take: We know your manly man is already a mighty force of nature, but a little extra boost doesn’t hurt. Help your favorite workout enthusiast totally crush it with Pure Cut Supplements. Whether he wants extra energy, to burn some fat or just feel as powerful as a freakin’ god, they’ve got just the stuff to take him to the next level.

The Official Word: Pure Cut Supplements makes addicting supplements for people who always push themselves through that last mile or bench press. Their supplements are made right in the USA, using scientifically-proven ingredients and on-point dosages to guarantee above-and-beyond quality and performance. Go to purecutsupps.com/discount/MANLY for a 10% off perk.


STNGROur Take: One day he’s out on the open water battling sharks for his prized marlin, the next he’s climbing the tallest peak, adopting baby goats along the way. A legend like your guy needs sunglasses that can stand up to his adventurous life, and make him look pretty dang cool too. Meet the STINGR EDGE sunglasses. EDGE stands for Extremely Durable Gear for the Elements, and they aren’t messing around. With bendy, lightweight frames and ballistic-rated lenses, these babies are practically indestructible. But in the chance that you do break them, STINGR has got you covered for life. Seriously. They will replace your broken shades no matter what— because the exploration is never over.

The Official Word: STINGR is made by and for the modern adventurer, selling their amazing sunglasses and backpacks. Their highly-rated shades are put through torture tests to ensure they are tough enough. They’ve been run over, shot and probably insulted, but they still stay in tact...mostly. There are even videos to prove it. Find the only sunglasses he may ever need at stngredge.com.

Gentleman’s Gazette

Gentlemans GazetteOur Take: Ahh...the finer things in life. A perfectly aged scotch. A fine cigar. A Bond marathon. Nobody can deny your guy’s unmatched panache and eye for quality...until they see his wallet. Time to swap out the worn out one from his college days and get him something on par with his sophisticated style. The Gentleman’s Gazette is offering this beautiful leather billfold by Fort Belvedere. It’s handmade in Germany with supple patina leather from pampered cows, and it has plenty of slots and a pop of fun color too.

The Official Word: Feel a little rusty on your black-tie etiquette? Or maybe you’ve got a secret love for top hats? Gentleman’s Gazette is the go-to for all things dapper. Founder Sven Raphael Schneider started the site in 2010, writing articles, posting videos and designing his own Fort Belvedere products that are up to his high standards.