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Be the Buck of The (Wedding) Ball with a Camo Wedding Ring

Be the Buck of The (Wedding) Ball with a Camo Wedding Ring

Have you ever seen a 12-point buck? If you haven’t, take a peek below real quick … okay, you’re back. How awesome is that? Beautiful and majestic, much like yourself, bro. 

The antlers really make those bucks stand out from the pack. Now, are you looking for something that helps YOU stand out from the pack like a 12-point buck? You’ve come to the right place. At Manly Bands, we have quite the collection of camo wedding bands! Read below to learn more about our awesome and badass men’s camo wedding bands. 

The Falconer

You might not “actually” handle birds of prey for a living, but you’ll sure feel like it with The Falconer on your finger. This ring was forged from handcrafted titanium and also features a beautiful Kings Camo inlay and Cocobolo wood sleeve. Take all that and pair it with the flat design and comfort fit, and this ring soars above the competition. 

But that’s not all. The Falconer is also made of titanium, one of our favorite metals, here at Manly Bands. What’s so good about titanium? WELL … it’s versatile and customizable, demonstrated by that awesome camo inlay. It’s also super lightweight yet super-durable—perfect for a rugged guy like you.

The Corbett

Next comes The Corbett. A corbett is actually a big mountain, but in this case, we’re talking about a wedding ring. Most of our men’s camo wedding bands feature silver or lighter-colored bands, but not this one. The Mossy Oak camo inlay pairs perfectly with the charcoal gray band and gives it a fresh look fit for anybody from a marketer to a mountaineer

The Corbett is made of black zirconium, which is the same material used to make badass stuff like submarines and bombs … that’s right. Submarines and bombs. Black zirconium is strong, scratch-resistant, and completely hypoallergenic. And if that’s not enough, just look how sleek it is. You want a ring that POPS on your wedding day? Go with The Corbett!

The Buck Titanium Wedding Ring

The Buck

The buck stops here when you rock one of our camo wedding bands on your special day. No, literally. Like, we have a wedding band called The Buck and it’s awesome. This ring was forged of handcrafted titanium and actually features two different inlays! It has 3mm of King’s Camo and 3mm of Deer Antler, which juxtapose perfectly to create a ring fit for a 12-point buck such as yourself. The titanium band is light as a feather but tough as nails. Best of all, this titanium ring is super reasonably priced. The Buck really does stop here!

The Mohave

The Mohave is another of our awesome camo wedding rings. This wedding band was handcrafted with Damascus steel and features an intricate Kings Camo Desert inlay. Named after the desert in the southwestern United States, it's got a “dryer” look than some of our wedding rings, but that just makes it more unique.

Our Damascus Steel rings are a hit for so many reasons. Like, so many. They use this metal to make swords and knives, after all. Do we have to say more? Okay … each pattern is as unique as you are, they’re super strong and durable, and they all look super sleek. Plus, they’re a piece of cake to maintain and keep looking fresh. 

The Huntsman

Finally … The Huntsman. This ring is perfect for any lover of the outdoors. But even if you don’t enjoy spending your morning perched in the trees (some of us personally prefer the lower perches of our couches), you can still rock this ring. Like its Mohave counterpart, this ring was forged from Damascus steel and features Kings Mountain Camo with an Osage Orange wood sleeve. You’ll blend in when hiding in the trees but stand out from the altar with The Huntsman on your finger. 

Well, those are all our men's camo wedding bands. All our rings come protected with warranties, and we can definitely help you handle returns or exchanges. If something goes wrong, we’re here to help, bro. Just hit us up directly or check out our FAQ page for more info. 

Oh, wait, one more thing … The Corbett, Buck, and Mohave come with free engraving! You can customize them with a date, message, skyline, or whatever you want to make your ring YOUR ring, ya dig?