Do Men Wear Engagement Rings?

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There are a million movies out there where a girl gets her dream diamond-studded engagement ring. It’s a huge Hallmark affair, and everyone loves it. Now, if you’re a dude who likes to rock a ring, you might wonder, “What’s the deal?” Don’t you get a sweet ring to show off on Instagram? Do men wear engagement rings at all? While it isn’t the norm, you’ll hardly be the only guy to do so if you choose to go for an engagement ring of your own.

History and Culture

There are a couple of jump-off points for engagement rings as we know them today. Early Egyptians believed the ring to be a symbol of eternity. How nice! After that, Ancient Rome got a hold of it. The ring was an option used in lieu of a dowry. Yes, as you might have guessed, still a symbol of ownership, though. Not so nice.

The first true engagement ring, however, is believed to have been commissioned by Archduke Maximillian of Austria for Mary of Burgundy. Mary got herself a few diamonds and an engraved “M” to go along with them. Unfortunately for Mary, she died about five years later at the age of 25. Yeah, the Middle Ages were rough. While Mary did rock a rock on her ring, the trend didn’t catch up to the U.S. market until the mid-20th century. The iconic “a diamond is forever” campaign cemented diamond engagement rings’ popularity and has clearly stuck around. 

If you’re looking at the history of all this and thinking it sounds like the ladies are the only ones getting the rings, you’d be right. Men’s engagement rings are more recent (in most cultures) and an increasing trend. There was a small push in the 1920s for men’s engagement rings, but it (clearly) never took off.

Should You Wear an Engagement Ring?

Dude, if you want to wear a ring, wear a ring. It’s that simple. If you’re curious about the main reasons guys choose an engagement ring, here are a few to try on for size. Ha. Pun intended. Seriously though, a ring sizer is always handy. Measure twice, buy once.

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Cultural Norms

While it’s a recent phenomenon for many men, countries like Chile and Sweden have long had a tradition of male engagement rings. If you have roots from either of those countries, an engagement ring might be a way to connect to your roots.

Show Off Commitment

Rings now are a sign of equality and unity in a relationship. Why would you not want to show off your commitment? Plus, your fiancé might dig the idea of you screaming to the world that you’re off the market. You never have to go to some god-awful speed dating event at a singles bar again, so maybe this is your triumph, too.

It Just Looks Good

If you’re a stylish dude, maybe you just like the look of the ring. If you think it’ll go well with your finely curated outfits, by all means, get a ring to fit your look.

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Be on a Growing Trend

Maybe you like being on-trend. Men’s engagement rings are definitely a growing trend, so hop on! 

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If You Want to, How Do You Wear It?

Well, however you want to, really. A lot of dudes opt to wear it on their right ring finger. If you’re worried about what to do with it come wedding time, no sweat. Some dudes use the engagement ring for their wedding band. Some throw one on each ring finger and call it a day. I’m not suggesting you wear five rings and try to restart your high school pop-punk band (please don’t), but there’s no reason to be hesitant about a ring on each hand. It’s a look.

At the end of the day, wear your engagement ring (or don’t) in whatever manner you like. If you have a ring you love, and your partner digs it, that’s what matters most.

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