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Shake What Your Momma Gave You: Ideas For Your First Dance

Shake What Your Momma Gave You: Ideas For Your First Dance

Let’s just get this one out the way, good sir: There will be dancing at your wedding. And no, we don’t mean your drunk uncle trying to do the Macarena with Granny, or the bridesmaids busting out The Wobble.

We mean you, and your new Spouse, in a special, heavily photographed moment. And unless your Spouse-To-Be has very specifically informed you there WILL NOT be a first dance, you don’t get a say in the matter. This is not the time to try and put your Manly foot down, we promise.

So, unless you are a professional booty-shaker, you may want to put some thought into exactly how this whole ordeal goes down. And we here at the Manly Bands Blog are here to help.

The Tried & True (The Classic)

Without too much fuss or muss, you can probably fake your way through a basic two-step or “Box” step. You know the one: It’s where you hold your new bride (or groom, if that’s who you are) close, and slowly shuffle back and forth, maybe a little side to side. It works well if you have just enough rhythm to keep from stepping on each other’s toes, and it has been the go-to for men the world over for ages.

Why? Because it’s simple, yet meaningful. You two are close together, holding one another in a distinguished yet romantic fashion, letting the music guide you. No one would fault you for going simple, because it’s probably what they did at their own wedding. So, if you don’t mind being cookie-cutter, and slightly boring, this is the route for you. (And maybe, a classic-style ring like the CEO is for you!)

The Showstopper (Choreographed)

Now, if you want to stand out, and make some great memories in front of your friends and family, try something choreographed. Once you pick the song, the sky’s the limit on exactly what routine you and your new spouse can put together. There are approximately 14 trillion tutorials online to help you plan your dance, and odds are good you live within reasonable driving distance of a dance studio. There are plenty of pros out there who would be happy to help you put something together.

The problem comes about when you have to actually practice your routine (and yes, you will need lots of practice if you go this route.) If you are lacking in skill, this is going to suck out loud. For real. Not to mention, it is going to take a good bit of time to get it all down pat and memorized, and who has that much spare time?

But, if you do go this route, and can actually pull it off, it’s going to be freaking awesome, and something your family will talk about well past the next holiday season. Not to mention the video you can embarrass your current/future children with for the rest of your lives. (Sounds like you’re the type who needs the attention the Ozzy brings to the table.)

All In The Family (The Group Dance)

So maybe, just maybe, you and your Spouse-To-Be really and truly don’t have the skills or patience for a special dance number, and you’re both too cool for the old standard… Then what?

A special group dance, starring not just the two of you, but your wedding party, other friends, heck, the entire crowd if you want. From a frantic free-for-all where each person/couple does their own thing, to a party-rocking conga line (maybe complete with Jello shots that match your wedding colors,) this one is all about fun for the whole crowd, and puts a lot less stress on you and your new spouse.

To be honest, even if you go another route, you can still work this one into the reception plans. It’s just that fun. (Party time? DJ time!)

Something Special (Children/Family/And The Like)

And of course, we have to go after the heartstrings… Because what wedding is complete without someone bawling their eyes out?

Do you and your spouse-to-be already have a child/children, either together or separately? Then why not include them in your first dance as a married couple? Children, especially young ones, typically aren’t great dancers, so they’ll take some of pressure off of you to perform (and still look so cute doing it.)

How about an elderly loved one, or someone close who has passed away? There’s no shame in using your first dance together to make their day/honor their memory. No one will care how well you dance if you’re holding the hand of a loved one in a wheelchair, or a framed photo of your late parent. These sorts of heart-warming moments don’t rely on how well you can move your feet. So hey, feel free to include one of these as well, even if you go another route. (Nothing says genuine and heartfelt like the Morgan, BTW…)

Hopefully that gives you some ideas for the big dance number. We know it might not be your favorite thing, but your Spouse-To-Be deserves your best effort, so we know you’ll give it your all.

… And if you need some practice, dance your way over to our Founder’s Line Collection page, and find a ring that grooves as smoothly as you do…. Yes, we did just use such a cheesy segue, but you know you love it.

See you next time on the Manly Bands Blog!