Five Diamond Wedding Bands Made for the Sophisticated Man

Diamonds are more than just a girl’s best friend … more and more super-sophisticated dudes are rocking diamond wedding bands. That’s where we come in. Manly Bands has a collection of beautiful diamond wedding bands perfect for a cool cultured cat like yourself. Check ‘em out below, bro. 

The Night Raven

Are you in the market for something a little untraditional? Look no further than The Night Raven. This ring goes against the grain … when you think of diamond rings, you think of silver and shiny, right? Well, this ring is charcoal gray, and the satin finish makes it REALLY pop. It’s dark, mysterious, and perfect for a sophisticated savant like yourself. 

The Night Raven is made of black zirconium, one of our super-popular materials. Black zirconium is tough as nails, it’s lightweight, and the look only gets better with age. It also pairs beautifully with other materials. That’s where the diamonds come in. The Night Raven .04 sports black diamonds halfway around with solid 14K rose gold edges. Gold accentuated with charcoal gray … what a ring. 

The Frontman

The Night Raven isn’t our only black zirconium diamond ring … enter The Frontman. You’ll always find yourself center stage with this ring on your finger, bro. The charcoal gray black zirconium is enhanced with .01 ethically sourced rubies and a brushed finish. The black with red is an excellent pairing not often seen in wedding bands, so your ring is gonna really pop, bro. 

The Tony

Next up, we have The Tony. This ring was designed for a boss like you, bro. It’s made of cobalt chrome, which is a fairly new material used in the jewelry biz. But there’s still a lot to love about it … it’s super lightweight, durable, and hypoallergenic. Lots of people have nickel allergies or sensitive skin and can’t wear certain types of jewelry … enter cobalt chrome. 

With a lighter shade, The Tony is a little more on the traditional side of diamond wedding bands. The platinum cobalt chrome pairs perfectly with .04 ethically sourced black diamonds. Much like The Night Raven, the colors are the perfect complements. Silver and black have always looked great together … just ask the Oak... er… the Las Vegas Raiders (boy, that’s gonna take some getting used to).

The Barclay Solid Gold Wedding Ring

The Barclay

We move on to The Barclay. Any sophisticated man has his finances in order with some diversified assets and things of that nature. This 14K solid rose gold ring is a match made in heaven for any cultured dude like yourself, bro. 

Gold rings ... they’re the classics, what more do we have to say? A lot, actually … the most important thing to know about gold wedding rings is that they’re soft. They might squeeze or pinch under pressure, so they’re not the ideal option if you work with your hands all day. But this softness also gives gold rings an advantage over other wedding bands. Since it’s so soft, gold can be shaped into many different shapes and it’s also resizable. This also means you can pair gold with all the other awesome materials used to make wedding bands. 

When it comes to gold, there are lots of different styles and options that POP. Let’s take The Barclay. It’s got a 4mm inlay of Gibeon Meteorite with a centered .10 princess-cut diamond. When you rock The Barclay, you’re wearing gold—something from outer freakin’ space and diamond all at once! 

The Chaplin

You might be a sophisticated dude, but that doesn’t mean you’re taking things TOO seriously. Everybody needs a good laugh, and you should go with The Chaplin if you’re a fan of cracking wise. Like The Barclay, this ring is also 14k of solid gold. But that’s not all ... it features handcrafted Damascus Steel and .01 diamond edges with an acid finish. 

Damascus Steel has to be forged and welded when made into jewelry (they used to make badass swords and blades out of this stuff, dude), which creates that “wavy” pattern. Combine that with the gold and diamonds, and you’re looking at one of the freshest rings on the market. 

Cushion and assher cuts diamonds

Well, there you have it. Those are some of our diamond wedding bands that are perfect for any man of culture and the most intricate of personalities or interests. One more thing about diamond wedding bands? They’re a little on the pricey side. But look, dude, it’s worth it. It’s diamond, they last forever! You know what you’re getting, and your ring will be the talk of the town. 

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