HOT OFF THE PRESS: Chris Harrison Is Wearing A Wedding Band… And It’s Not What You Think...

HOT OFF THE PRESS: Chris Harrison Is Wearing A Wedding Band… And It’s Not What You Think...

Chris Harrison is here—and, of course, it’s for all the right reasons. In what we are certain is our most dramatic announcement yet, Manly Bands is unveiling our latest collection of men’s wedding rings designed and curated by none other than the Chris Harrison. 

The host of ABC’s The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, among other spinoff series, Harrison is one of the most recognizable figures on TV—and one of the most experienced when it comes to helping people find love, which is why we went to him for advice on what men want out of their wedding bands. From classic gold wedding rings to bands with a wine barrel inlay, the Chris Harrison collection is not to be missed. 

The Man, the Myth, the Legend: Chris Harrison

Who is Chris Harrison? Well, your fiancée probably spends three hours a week with him, so it’s a name you should recognize. Harrison has been the host of The Bachelor and the face of the Bachelor Nation franchise for nearly 20 years, and yet he keeps looking younger and even more stylish. We, at Manly Bands, couldn’t think of a better candidate to be our new—and very first—Brand Partner. 

For the last 20 years, Harrison has spent many hours with all different types of couples, helping them to find true love and navigating the hardships of dating, particularly the hardships of dating 30 people at the same time. He is a beloved part of Bachelor Nation and an icon for romance and marriage, which is why his input on our collection was so important. Although Chris Harrison is best known for his role on The Bachelor and its many spin offs, he always knew that he was meant for television, even hosting the Miss America pageant nine times and briefly taking over as the host of Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? But, Bachelor Nation is where he feels most at home. 

On Tuesday, October 13th, 2020, the 16th season of The Bachelorette finally aired after many long months in quarantine, much to the delight of avid fans. If you weren’t cuddled up on the couch last week with your sweetheart watching Chris Harrison introduce a group of new men to this season’s beautiful (but brief) new bachelorette Clare, catch him any Tuesday for the next nine weeks. 

chris harrison manly bands ring collection

The Thought Behind the Collection

When we approached Chris Harrison about creating his very own line of Manly Bands gold wedding rings, he wanted to make sure that there were styles for every kind of man. When it comes to engagement and wedding rings for women, the options are plentiful. Not so much for us dudes. “You pretty much only had two options,” Harrison says of the men’s wedding band selection in most jewelry stores. And, while a wedding is about the bride and her special moment, the groom should be able to feel special and loved, as well, with his own unique ring that speaks to his style. 

Harrison wanted every ring in the collection to be classic and timeless but also to incorporate aspects of different men’s personalities. Wanting to add a bit of a personal touch, Harrison found a way to incorporate both his favorite color, blue, and his love for wine with a unique and classy wine barrel inlay on specific styles. Rose gold was another type of precious metal he wanted to incorporate as a nod to his Bachelor roots and a perfect match for any bride receiving a rose gold ring as well. 

Harrison was quick to partner with Manly Bands because he recognized the need for more individualized wedding rings for men. The band itself is a visual symbol of a couple’s love and commitment, as well as the perfect way to commemorate one of the biggest days in both the bride and groom’s lives. Through the Chris Harrison wedding rings, you can express your own sense of style while honoring your significant other. 

Why Manly Bands?

For anyone seeking out the perfect wedding band, Manly Bands is really the only choice. We make high-quality, scratch-resistance pieces that are going to last a lifetime. With more originality and purpose, our designs are meant to make you feel confident and cool, showing off your own fashion sense through a symbol of your love. 

manly bands ring sizer in wooden bowl

Not sure of your ring size? No biggie. We’ll send you a ring sizer to try on at home and make sure you find the perfect fit. Simply order our ring sizer, find the one that feels more comfortable, and spend a few hours wearing the sizer on your hand. This will give you a better idea of whether or not the size is just right even while you’re washing the dishes or cooking up a meal. After you’ve found your size, you can use your 20-percent-off code to purchase your forever ring. And, wouldn’t you just love to tell your fiancée that Chris Harrison created your ring?

Styles from the Chris Harrison Wedding Ring Collection

The Materials

Chris Harrison was very selective about which materials he wanted to include in his Manly Bands line of wedding rings because he wanted it to be inclusive of every style. Some of the most classic options are solid gold wedding rings, while the unconventional styles feature materials like real Gibeon meteorite, brilliant Cobalt Chrome, black Zirconium, and a genuine Napa wine barrel inlay. Many of the styles mix up each of these elements in a different way to ensure that guys have their pick of exactly the kind of ring they’re looking for.

Discover Even More Manly Wedding Ring Materials

The Chris Harrison Collection

  • The One: Lucky for you, you’ve already found The One. Now, it’s time to find The Ring. This style from Chris Harrison’s collection is a very classy yet traditional take on a wedding band, using Cobalt Chrome as a sleek finish with a rose gold inlay. The design itself is simple, but it definitely catches the eye and gives a very chic look.

the one wedding ring graphic

The One Cobalt Chrome Wedding Ring

  • The Rose: A clear nod to the one thing every Bachelor contestant wants, besides true love, “The Rose” style doesn’t play around. This solid rose gold band is both masculine and romantic—a true testament to your love. The high beveled design is meant for ultimate comfort, and the cross satin finish brings a bit of ruggedness to a beautiful creation.
  • The Sunrise: Named for the visual design of the ring, “The Sunrise” features two thin lines of rose gold inlay surrounded by tantalum, the rose gold reminding us of that soft glow right before and after the sun comes up for the day. If you prefer a more steel gray look, tantalum is the perfect choice. 
  • The Host: Although Chris Harrison obviously has a special place in his heart for each and every one of his designs, we can’t help but feel as though he may favor this one. He did name it after his own title on the show, after all. And we see why. The gorgeous black zirconium is masculine and sleek, with a thin line of 14K rose gold running through the center at a diagonal. 
  • The Soulmate: If you tend to prefer a more gold-heavy look, “The Soulmate” might be the right choice for you. Made from solid 14K rose gold, the band also features a strip of dark forged carbon fiber for a little taste of edginess. 
  • The Validation: Similar in appearance to “The Soulmate,” this ring in the Chris Harrison collection is made from solid 14K rose gold with an inlay of genuine black dinosaur bone. Yes, you read that correctly. Dinosaur bone. Pretty badass, huh?
  • The Promise: Wood accents always seem to make everything a bit more masculine and timeless, which is why Harrison thought that a Madagascar rosewood inlay would set off the strip of rose gold surrounded by the ring’s foundation of black zirconium.

the promise wedding band graphic

  • The Elevation: This style is for the men who like a little bling bling in their jewelry. You deserve some diamonds, too! The base of “The Elevation” is set back from a sleek black zirconium that has been faceted with a dome-shaped design. Encrusted in the ring are nine gorgeous black diamonds for a bit of pizzazz.
  • The Napa: Chris Harrison is a wine connoisseur with a love for all things Napa Valley, which is why he thought to include a real wine barrel inlay on this gorgeous black zirconium ring. Whether you’re a wine aficionado yourself or you just love the warm look of the barrel against the crisp black of the ring, this is no ordinary wedding band.
  • The Honeymoon: Honeymoons are all about fun and sharing time with your new spouse, and this ring definitely gives off those vibes. The light titanium base complements the unique, light wood color of the teak inlay. 
  • The LAX: “The LAX” is actually very reminiscent of LA itself—sleek and shiny on the outside but gritty underneath it all. The outer facing side of this ring is made entirely from black zirconium, but the inside has been warmed up with a deep wooden-colored wine barrel sleeve. 
  • The Song: A bit thinner than the other offerings in this collection, “The Song” is 4mm wide and has a solid 14K rose gold base. Some of the gold shines through on the outer side but is set off by the beautiful finish on the snake wood inlay.

the reyes wedding band graphic

The Reyes Tantalum Wedding Ring

  • The Reyes: Named after the Spanish word for “kings” or “royalty,” “The Reyes” ring will definitely have you feeling on top of the world. The silver-colored tantalum ring holds a timeless look that is sure to last as long as your love.
  • The Future: Another very timeless piece, “The Future” is for the groom who just wants to keep it simple. A domed design with a satin finish gives this all-tantalum wedding band a classy, finished look. 
  • The Strait: This style really speaks to Harrison’s country upbringing, as the tantalum ring offsets the walnut wood inlay that brings to mind warm Texas nights spent with loved ones. The tantalum keeps it classy while the wood gives it a layer of casualness that fits with every look in your wardrobe.
  • The Cali: Chris Harrison really did it up on this one, from the Cobalt chrome base to the 2mm black dinosaur bone inlay and the teak wood sleeve on the inside. It has everything a man could want from a wedding band, really. A bit of grittiness, a bit of manliness, and a sense of adventure.
  • The Cortez: Lapis lazuli is the gemstone of royalty, and we promise you will feel nothing less than royal when you slip on “The Cortez.” This style is made from a cobalt chrome set off by a thin 1mm inlay of real lapis lazuli on the outside and a royal blue cerakote sleeve on the inside.
  • The Symmetry: When designing this line, Chris Harrison wanted to put his own personal touch on some of the rings by adding a hint of his favorite color: blue. We say, hat’s off to Chris because this came out absolutely unique and stunning. Designed with the royal blue cerakote sleeve inside and a cobalt chrome base, the ring also features a 4mm Gibeon meteorite inlay surrounded on either side by 1mm royal blue cerakote inlays.
  • The Austin: His final design with just a touch of blue, “The Austin” pays homage to Harrison’s home state of Texas. The ring itself is made entirely from the sleek, silver colored cobalt chrome set off by a single princess cut blue sapphire encrusted in the ring.
  • The Perfection: The ideal mix of all traditional elements in a wedding ring, “The Perfection” is made from a cobalt chrome base with 14K rose gold edges and topped off with a 0.07ct white diamond.  Who ever said diamonds were just a girl’s best friend?

the jefe wedding band graphic

The Jefe Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

  • The Jefe: For the man who wants a darker finish on his band, Harrison designed “The Jefe” with a black zirconium base, a rose gold finish on the edges, and a 0.05ct white diamond. 
  • The Next Chapter: Take a step into the next chapter of your life when you slip on “The Next Chapter” ring. A sleek tantalum ring is both simple and sleek, featuring a single, thin rose gold inlay.
  • The Lovestruck: One of the most unique finishes in the collection, the exterior of “The Lovestruck” ring is made entirely from Gibeon meteorite encased by a 14K rose gold sleeve inside.
  • The Lone Star: Another tribute to Harrison’s home state, “The Lone Star” is a thick 9mm wide cobalt chrome ring featuring a Gibeon meteorite inlay and a .1ct princess cut blue sapphire.
Man Up & Get That Wedding Ring!


The Manly Bands Guarantee

Whether you’re looking for a traditional gold wedding ring or a completely unique design, Manly Bands has all the options. It’s time to stop settling for the same boring wedding band styles and start giving men the option to find a ring that truly speaks to their personality and their love for their partner. Teaming up with Chris Harrison for his new line of Manly Bands rings was a way to shed new ideas on men’s wedding accessories and bring you even more unique designs. 

Browse the collection and request a ring sizer. All of our rings offer a 30-day return or exchange policy and every purchase comes with a lifetime limited warranted. What more could you ask for?


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