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Manliest Ring of the Month: Dinosaur Bone

Manliest Ring of the Month: Dinosaur Bone

The Pterodactyl

At Manly Bands, we’re all about providing men with the coolest and best wedding rings around. Every month, we like to feature a wedding ring that blows our socks off. What blows your socks off more than an asteroid crashing into earth, causing an extinction-level event that led to the our friendly, neighborhood T-Rexes getting wiped clean off the planet, ushering in a new age of earthly lifeforms which eventually led to humans, which now allows you to sit at your computer, drink bourbon and scotch and look for wedding rings online? 

Okay, we got a bit ahead of ourselves, but our excitement still stands. This month, we’re excited to celebrate our Dinosaur Bone wedding bands. What’s cooler than wearing the remnants of a dinosaur around your finger? Is that a symbol of love? We’d like to think so. But more than anything else, it’s about the coolest frickin’ thing you can do. 

Life finds a way, just like this ring is going to find a way onto your finger. Now, let’s get into the real nitty-gritty about why these rings kick serious butt. 

Dinosaur Bone Rings 

You probably saw we carry antler and meteorite rings. Those are certainly different from traditional wedding rings, but damn if Dinosaur Bone rings don’t put everything else to shame. How could you say no to that?! I mean, you heard us, right? DINOSAUR BONE RINGS. 

That's a dinosaur, yes. Fossils, dug from the earth, of beasts that lived millions of years ago. That’s beyond our conception of time. You can hardly wrap your head around it. But you can wear it right (well, left) on your finger. Now that’s something to write home about — and post on Instagram.  

Every one of our Dinosaur Bone rings are unique, too. The rings are made by placing a piece of fossilized dinosaur bone as an inlay into a wedding ring. Coming in a variety of styles, you’re able to get a ring that is different from any other made in production. 

So get out your magnifying glass and huge dusting brush and check out our one-of-a-kind Dinosaur Bone rings. 

the raptor wedding band

The Raptor

Dinosaur Bone Rings You’ll Love

We have a variety of Dinosaur Bone rings to choose from, but these are some of our favorites that we’re sure you’ll love. 

The Pterodactyl

Why can’t you hear a pterodactyl go to the bathroom? Because the “P” is silent. 

Okay, enough with the school yard jokes. The Pterodactyl ring is all you need to fend off those school yard jokes — you heard us, Jeremy, we’re the cool guy now! You can have my lunch money because I’ve got a spouse and this kick ass ring! 

Now, let’s take this ring a step further. The pterodactyl is known not just for its pronunciation, it was also a massive dinosaur capable of flight. So we might be saying this is the suitable ring for our long-limbed friends out there. But any man can fly high if he wants to. 

The Triceratops

The three horns will put any tough guy to shame. But here’s the thing: The Triceratops ring doesn’t have to be just for the tough guys. Maybe you look hard on the outside, tough-skinned and prickly to the touch, but you’re a big softie on the inside — like a big baby pit bull. 

This ring is perfect for the man who is protective of both himself and his spouse, too, the guy who can go from calm to defensive in the drop of a hat. Yet, he’s also the man who isn’t afraid to be a big sweetie, loving life, even if their exterior looks tough. 

The Raptor

Don’t worry, man. We know you’re loud, we know you can be a lot for some people and we know that it can be tough to meet others when you have a hard exterior. But hey, you’ve got close friends and you found a spouse to-be, so it’s obvious you’ve got a sweet soul. It just takes some time getting to know other people, to open up and become friendly. 

Sound familiar? The Raptor is your ring. You’re there when people need you, defensive when others ask for help and are always there to help and provide support. 

the jurassic wedding band

The Jurassic

The Jurassic

Jurassic Park has nothing on this ring — maybe not the original, but definitely not the sequels! Put wonder in everyone’s hearts with The Jurassic ring. Its jagged nature and natural tone and style will work with almost any skin color, while impressing everyone who catches a glance of it. 

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Let your inner child scream out. A Dinosaur Bone wedding ring will bring out that younger energy every time you happen to see it. 

A piece of history you can wear wherever you go? And it’s a dinosaur? Now that’s a reason to get married.