Manliest Ring of the Month: Why We Love Antler Wedding Rings

wedding band display antlers

You know what time it is? That’s right, mayne, it’s time for another Manliest Ring of the Month spotlight! This month’s worthy recipients are our awesome antler wedding rings. You slide one of these bad boys on your finger, and you look majestic as a 10-point buck. Let’s find out why we love ‘em so much, shall we? 

One of a Kind

So, let’s get something outta the way real quick. Our antler wedding rings aren’t made entirely from deer antler. The INLAY, which is the stripe laid into the band, is made of deer antler. The band is a different material, depending on the specific ring, but more on that below. 

Each of our deer antler inlays is 100% unique, like a snowflake, your personality, and your Taco Bell order. When you order a deer antler wedding ring from us, you KNOW that it is one of one. You know how frustrating it is when you show up somewhere and you’re wearing the same shirt/shoes/jacket/whatever as someone else? You’re like “Damn, now I gotta go home and change out of this fire ass outfit.” That’s not gonna happen with these rings, bro. Yours is gonna stand out on your finger. It’s a conversation starter and showstopper. 


What makes our antler wedding rings awesome, aside from their uniqueness and the fact that they’re made of real freakin’ deer antler? Great question, dawg. The antlers are tough, no two ways around it. In fact, deer actually use their antlers to show off their dominance. Sometimes two dude deers will lock antlers and push back to figure out who is stronger … and to the victor goes the spoils. Oh, and deer also use their antlers as a way to fend off predators. So if they can handle the rigours of nature, they can handle your day-to-day life. A deer antler wedding ring will not scratch or crack, no matter what. 

 The Manly Birch Ring Box

The Manly Birch Ring Box

The deer antler inlay is also hypoallergenic, so it won’t be an issue if you have a nickel allergy or sensitive skin. Our antler inlays are (signed) sealed (and delivered) in a water-resistant resin that protects them from the occasional splash. But they are not waterproof, so be careful if you’re at the pool or the beach. They’ll be fine after a thorough hand wash but if you’re gonna dive in headfirst, pop it off and stash it in our Manly Birch Box for safekeeping. 

What Antler Wedding Rings Do We Sell?

Versatility is another reason we love deer antler wedding rings. Remember how we said the inlay was made of deer antler, but the band itself was made from other materials? Well, the band can be made from sooooooo many other materials. Whatever you’re looking for out of the band itself, it will pair perfectly with an antler inlay. You want something lightweight? Heavy? Hypoallergenic? What about the color? No problem, bro. Take a look at our collection and find the band for you. Or you can create a custom ring and get REAL fancy wit’ it. 

Let’s take a quick look at some of our deer antler wedding rings. How about The Journeyman? It’s a tungsten band, which is one of our heavier metals. Perfect for a dude who wants to FEEL the ring on their finger. It’s all about finger curls, baby. But that’s not all. It’s plated in 18K rose gold and has TWO other inlays in addition to the deer antler. The Koa Wood and Turquoise give the ring a sleek and badass color scheme that’ll be the envy of all the other bucks in the woods … er … dudes in the room. 


The Buck Titanium Wedding Ring

The Buck Titanium Wedding Ring

If you want something a little more lightweight, go with The Buck. You won’t feel this titanium band on your finger, but you will absolutely 100% notice it. And so will everybody else. The 3mm inlays of King’s Camo and deer antler pair perfectly together. If you want something to really go against the grain, may we point you in the direction of The Oryx? Check out how sick the deer antler and teakwood inlays look against the black zirconium band. 

Now that you know why our deer antler wedding bands are such a worthy recipient of this month’s award, go getchu one. Discover even more of our manly wedding rings and our fresh antler selection right here. Take it easy, dude!