Notes From Dad: Choosing your Maid of Honor

Unlike choosing a best man the bride has a more difficult choice. There's no written rule written saying you need to choose a sister over a friend, although choosing family over friends often provides unnecessary drama between friends who think they should be the maid of honor.

Friends often think that family will be chosen first, so even if they have expectations of being the maid of honor, there's no way they'll be mad at you for choosing a sibling. I believe in five main points in picking a maid of honor and they are:

  1. Your maid of honor should be your best friend, someone you can trust and depend on.
  2. It should be a person that has the resources and time to fulfill such an honorable position.
  3. The maid of honor does not have to be the same gender. It has become socially acceptable in having the opposite sex as your maid of honor.
  4. Your maid of honor needs to be a person who will support you in decision making, be truthful and give good advice that only enhances the wedding day and events leading up to that special day.
  5. Finally, avoid the drama. This is your day, choose a maid of honor that can diffuse potential problems and remind everyone that this moment is yours and the importance of this day.

Always remember you have choices and the choice you make should reflect your personality and be close to your heart. Good luck and have a wonderful wedding!!

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