Notes From Dad: Enjoying That First Year

Notes From Dad: Enjoying That First Year

No matter how many people you speak to the reality that the first year is smooth sailing can be misleading.  The first year should be full of firsts such as first Christmas, first vacation together and possibly the birth of your first child. It can be a time of connection and that every day cozy feeling of magical love. However, the first year can have moments of stress and challenges. For this article let’s try not to worry about the stress and challenges because they will always be there, whether it is the first year or the 30th year.  Let’s take a look on how you and your partner can make the first year a year to remember.

  1. Buy a nice camera and take pictures of all of your firsts as a married couple. First Halloween, holidays, birthdays and any events you shared together.  Begin a scrapbook and document everything that you can look back on when either one of you need a pick me up.
  2. Create a three year list that is realistic and achievable. Discuss as partners what each person is responsible for and how to save for that goal.
  3. Set aside a date night; it doesn’t have to be expensive. The main idea on having a date night is to keep that spark alive and fun.
  4. Establish a routine when it comes to chores; let's face it homes need to be cared for (i.e. laundry, bathroom, trash etc). They don’t get done by themselves and it’s only fair that they are split equally. Don’t be the one watching TV while your partner is doing the dishes and cleaning up after dinner, as this will eventually create animosity.
  5. Little things mean a lot, such as listening. Looking into your partner’s eyes when they are talking show you are interested and care in what they are saying; sending or picking flowers to give to your partner shows affection and thoughtfulness; breakfast in bed always a true sign of love and appreciation.

Finally, understand that your first year is what you as a couple make it. Enjoy your time together, develop your love and respect towards one another and above all take one day at a time and savor each moment.

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