Notes From Dad: Happy New Year!

What a wonderful time of year for newlyweds and all married couples. We look at the past and make resolutions for the coming year that will improve your marriage and give it the attention it needs. Every marriage needs special moments and below I have listed six resolutions that may help you and your partner experience the true meaning of love.

  1. Take time each day to spend with your partner. Life demands so much of us that we at times forget to cherish what we come home to each day. Try to make it a priority that your partner comes first; schedule quiet time together and rekindle the flame.
  2. Communicate better. A common theme in every marriage but so often it is taken for granted. Make time to listen and talk to one another and share your feelings. Couples take for granted at times that each knows what the other is thinking or feeling which can lead to an unhappy situation; chose a night or time where there are no distractions and relate to one another.
  3. Share common interests. Explore an interest or hobby that you both enjoy and can do. This can lead to a closer bond for each other as well as having fun and developing a closer relationship.
  4. Create a bucket list. Many people make a bucket list when they become older, however, each partner should chose something which is attainable in that year and work together in achieving that goal.
  5. Accept imperfection. None of us are perfect and we all have flaws. Learn to forgive and forget. Holding anger is not healthy in any relationship; show your love by accepting apologies and moving on.
  6. Make each day special. Begin the day and end the day by telling your partner how special they are and say those three little words we all enjoy hearing “I love you.“ Remember resolutions are made to improve one’s life, but it takes work to be successful. However, the good thing about these resolutions is that you are sharing them with your partner for a better marriage and life.

                                     HAPPY NEW YEAR!

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