Notes From Dad: Preparing For Marriage

The moment you and your partner agree to marriage begins a transition of change in both of your lives. It is a beautiful journey that will solidify your love for one another. This article will attempt to assist you and your partner in preparation for that wonderful day.

As I have said so often in my previous articles, communication is very important. You both now should be able to discuss all topics from where you want to live to intimacy; how many children and when, and how as a couple you want to split responsibilities, such as doing chores, paying bills and saving for the future, Simple, yes but many couples struggle, especially in the saving of money.

Share responsibilities: Agree to who will do what before you say I do. This will show each other that you have each others’ back and builds trust. As married partners you must  form a team, and like any team to be successful you need to respect each other strengths and weaknesses.

Quality time: Together discuss guidelines of what is expected from one another with regards to your independence after you are married. It is so important to keep the flame alive in the  marriage. You both need time from one another either with friends or work, however, make time, as you did when dating, for a movie night, dinner date or just a stroll on the beach.

Finally, agree that neither one of you are perfect. Mistakes will happen and each must respect one another’s flaws. Agree to work on your marriage and understand for anything to be successful it takes patience, humility and love. Best of Luck!

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