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Notes From Dad: Winter Memories In The Midwest and South

Notes From Dad: Winter Memories In The Midwest and South

Last article  focused on creating winter memories in the Northeast, this article will suggest and explore how to create winter memories in the Midwest and South.

In the Midwest, life can be very relaxed and calm; if you are the outdoors type there is an abundance of activities to do. In Indiana, at Turkey Run State Park, there are many hiking trails and paths for those who enjoy an adventure. In Chicago, for those who love walking, explore Chicago’s Magnificent Mile and be prepared to be dazzled by all the shopping centers and cuisine. Also, remember fishing does not have to be only in summer, enjoy ice fishing in Lake Winnebago, Wisconsin.

For you indoor types, places like Rock N Roll Hall of Fame, in Cleveland, Ohio, is a great place to kick back and enjoy your favorite Music, visit museums, like  Old Cowtown Museum in Wichita, Kansas or perhaps just kick back by the fire, read a good book, complete a puzzle or just spend relaxing time together.

In the South, there is plenty of action and scenery that will leave you with so many memories.  Again, if you and your partner enjoy the outdoors, visit Beech Mountain, in North Carolina for all your winter sports ( ice skating, skiing, snowboarding etc).

The South is full of great colleges and Universities, each one with a wealth of history. Take the time to learn about our country by touring the campus and learning about historical facts.

If you and your partner enjoy the music of Elvis Presley, visit Graceland mansion in Memphis, Tennessee or visit country music’s most famous stage The Grand Ole Opry House.

Finally, for an indoor activity, treat the two of you to some college basketball. Basketball is very popular in the South and if you time it right you may be part of the March Madness that decides a new champion each year.

Remember, memories can only happen if you create them. So this winter take the time to visit and enjoy nature and its surroundings, the both of you will be glad you did!