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Ring In the New Year with Rose Gold! Yes, Real Men Wear Pink

Ring In the New Year with Rose Gold! Yes, Real Men Wear Pink

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A lot happened in 2020, beyond the U.S. presidential election and the COVID-19 pandemic. If you lived apart from your significant other this year, you probably spent the majority of your time playing CoD while lounging in sweatpants and covered in various bits of food. If you lived with your someday-bride-to-be, you likely lived a similar life while occasionally attempting to look respectable for her.

“Babe, my K/D is 21:0 right now, I can’t let my team down … yeah, that lingerie looks hot, just give me 10 minutes!”

Congratulations if your relationship survived this year, especially if you were planning a wedding that has now been pushed back. But what if you weren’t planning on getting married at the outset of 2020?

If you weren’t planning on marrying your significant other, the experience of living together through 2020 might be enough evidence to show you can get through anything. 

“Hun, you held my hand while I vommed after I drank too much vodka during my company’s Zoom happy hour get-together. I’ve never known love like that.” 

Ring in the New Year by cementing your eternal love. Does this mean getting engaged? It could! But you could keep with the unconventional spirit and jump straight to marriage. 

“But won’t I need a ring for that?” 

Dead on. You might be tempted to go for a traditional men’s wedding band, but you should keep breaking tradition. What do we mean? We mean wearing a rose gold men’s wedding band

Manly Bands’ The Warnock Ring

What Is Rose Gold?

“But, like, I’m not trying to look, y’know …”

Okay, tough guy, calm down. Let’s get one thing straight: Real men wear pink; they’re not afraid to show their sensitive side. Anyhow, it’s just a color, and rose—as a symbol—has a great deal of historical significance, beyond just being the symbol for eternal love. 

Rose gold is still gold, but it is a metallic compound made of a mix of other metals. The common breakdown is as follows: 

The beauty of rose gold is the added hue it adds. While rose gold rings will still have that golden metallic shine, they’ll have a pink/reddish rose tone that’s sure to grab a passerby’s attention. It’s more than typical gold, which is what makes it unique. Instead, you have a traditional-looking wedding band that emits a sense of warmth, comfort, and luxury.  

To anyone worried about the femininity of the ring, consider this: Who is the most intimidating man? A man who is confident. What’s a confident man look like? A man who can proudly wear a rose ring, signifying the love he has for his spouse, all without a sliver of shame. That’s a man who doesn’t ask for your respect; he earns it. 

The MVP Ring

What Makes Rose Gold So Cool

Looking for somewhere to start your search? Start at our MVP ring. As part of our couple’s wedding band collection, the MVP ring is suited to match with the band of your spouse’s choice. The MVP is one of our unique rings that maintains that traditional wedding band look. You get a comfortable wedding band that is stylish without being gaudy, sophisticated without being pompous, simple while showing off your refined tastes.  

“But what if I want a ring that stands out even more? One even more unique than the MVP?”

We’ve got enough rings to satisfy any groom. And if you don’t find the exact ring that fits your sense of style, you can craft your very own in our custom bands designer. 

Put a Wedding Ring on That Finger, Already

You don’t need a masculine ring to be the perfect groom. You want to know what’s manly? Showing your emotions, wearing your heart on your sleeve, stating your love for someone openly and proudly: That’s what a real man does. Show your spouse how much their love means by wearing a rose gold ring. Show your sensitive side for all to see, both on your wedding day and in the future.