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Attributes in a Man

           This article will address a woman’s concerns on the attributes of a 

man; it will consider a few examples of what is important to you and 

your happiness. 

  Many of today’s couples are together due to certain attributes in one 

another;  as your relationship grows you needed to ask the question if this 

man is the one; the one person you want by your side and the 

man you want to share your life with. 

     So let’s begin: to me one of the most important attributes a man can 

have for himself and others, especially women, is respect;  Respect is an 

important component of love; it is the cement that bonds two hearts. It has 

a purpose and requires total commitment in a relationship. As a 

relationship grows so does the receptiveness; each day respect needs to 

be shown towards one another by doing this it shows how much value 

you mean to each other.


     Another attribute that I admire in a man is his compassion, for his 

family. Having strong compassions for family allows you to see the type of 

relationship you will be sharing; this involves how one communicates, the 

gestures that are given to others and the ability to problem solve to 

maintain unity within the family.

     The third attribute is goal-centered. This can lead to success; failure is 

not an option. Having goals help establish control in not only your life but 

in the lives of others. Goals influence the person inside of us who wants a 

better life and  challenges; When couples’ have goals it brings them

 closer and allows and understanding and acceptance that 

can only create a positive atmosphere within the relationship.

     Finally, to me a sense of humor in a relationship is a valuable 

component;  its not just about funny stories or jokes, it should be about 

doing things with each other that causes you to laugh with one another 

and feel good on whatever you are doing. Humor helps ease anxiety and 

tensions; it may reduces stress and remind us that there are times when 

we shouldn’t take life so seriously.    

                                    Good Luck !!