Choosing the Perfect Vacation Spot

     As a couple this may be your first choice; it will tell you a lot about each other. Traveling is something we all like to do, however, making the correct choice will embrace your relationship.

     When couples choose a certain location it speaks volumes to their likes and dislikes; it creates a sense of adventure and a journey that reflects each couple’s personality. This article will share some ideas, reasons and destination that may enhance your love and happiness.

     The first question when making your travel plans is why; is it for romance, relaxation or sightseeing. Let's first look at romance. There are so many romantic destinations that will help you and your partner capture the essence of intimacy; places like Asia,Greece, Italy and France. You want to choose a place where you and your partner are truly secluded from the rest of humanity. It will be 24-7 of one another where you both can actually be emerged with sunsets, scenery and exotic foods.

     If you both decide to travel for relaxation, and look to enjoy warm beaches there are some wonderful destinations; my favorite is Hawaii, however, places such as Florida, Bermuda or even Cape Cod, offer some of the best relaxation spots in the world. If beaches are not your thing try enjoying nature and pitch a tent or rent an RV and camp out, go fishing and experience the beauty of the land.

     Finally, if you both enjoy the art of sightseeing there are numerous places to visit. In the United States, there are places like Graceland inTennessee, the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, the Grand Canyon in Arizona and Central Park in New York. All of these places will take you breath away and create wonderful memories. Just a piece of advice, if you choose a sightseeing vacation make sure you have plenty of camera space and comfortable shoes. 

    Whatever vacation you take, by creating memories you both will bring to your relationship happiness, love and the knowledge that together you are truly a unique couple.

                                        Good Luck!!

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