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Couples--What Attracted You to Your Partner?

     Attraction is a unique phrase when discussing your
relationship. There can be many forms of attraction and
none has to pertain to your relationship. However, when
becoming a couple there may be a magnetic allurement
that captures your desire and love. Today, we will explore
some causes and types of attraction and how they play a
role in one’s life.

     First, let’s dissect some causes: The most obvious one
is hormones; as we grow older our bodies may develop
certain desires that can affect our behavior, emotionally,
physically and mentally.

     The second cause may be their personification; they
may possess certain qualities that entrust security and
well being. This can play a monumental element in life
when needed the most.

     The last two are pertaining to our needs: there is
friendship, which is a very important part of our lives; it is
an element of love without the expectation of sexual
commitment and then there's a loving attraction which has
romance, sexual desires and emotional tides to one

     Remember attraction can be seen in many ways both
visual and non-visual verbal and non-verbal. The main
purpose of an attraction is to unite two people in a
relationship that is satisfying and promotes happiness.

                               Good Luck !!