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Couples Who Grow Apart

     Today’s society is more difficult to co- exist than ever. Each day couples are faced with new challenges and demands that may shape a relationship. This article will center on several reasons couple grow apart and some ideas on how to avoid such a struggle.

     One sign is the lack of intimacy; for a couple to love one another,  some form of intimacy needs to be present: intimacy is not only shown physically but emotionally as well; having intimacy issues may be caused due to the world around us; we feel depressed and doubt ourselves. We allow anger to manifest itself and this prevents us showing our feelings and expressing emotions. Some ways to prevent this may actually be quite simple. First, accept the fact as a couple you will change, physically and emotionally; set time for yourself to gain strength in yourself and work on creating an interesting, independent and more confident person. Second, set up together time with your partner to share feelings, emotions and meaningful topics that can be important, fun and respectful. 

     Another sign of growing apart is boredom, you both have no desire to engage with one another nor venture into new and exciting opportunities. However, that being said, boredom does happen to us all. Boredom may mean that the life you and your partner imagined is not happening. Blame begins to erupt and feelings of desperation may form; you begin to look elsewhere and throw caution to the wind because the feeling of satisfaction is so intense. So how to avoid this you ask, again its through communication; whether it is the two of you or thru counseling, the bottom line is to open up to your partner and express your inner feelings. Boredom is not a disease; it can be avoided if two people agree to work on it together.

     Finally, respect or I should say lack of respect towards your partner. Some key issues may be; lack of trust, honesty, affection and self-respect. When this happens you no longer feel confident or significant; you no longer care about crucial or necessary commitment to your relationship or partner. To avoid this it is important to seek counseling and possibly group therapy, first by yourself then with your partner. As partners try to be positive; avoid the negativity and work on goals and dreams that brought you together.

                                  Good Luck !!