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Happiness --- Love or Money

     Intriguing question yet a subject that is worth discussing. This article 

will look at both choices, however, the final choice is really all about 


  Let’s look at the advantages of choosing for money; money may bring 

many material objects into one’s life. It can fill the void of loneliness and 

sadness. Money is an object that creates a temptation of desire; it can 

bring pleasure and pain for the reason true love is usually absent. We all 

face temptations and money or lack of money is always a concern. With 

money three articles may happen: 

     First, money can brings you a lifestyle of privileges which can shape

your persona, it allows you to create a life of contentment, never wanting.

Second, money can change your life; a life of struggling and hardship can 

be whisked away in a moment; and third choosing money helps establish 

a partnership which will financially take care of you for life; a life of 

satisfaction and less worries. 

     Let's look at love; although having money may be crucial to a 

relationship it does not mean that you will bask in the glow of happiness.

With love these three articles may happen: 

First, love is a need we all want and need; when in a relationship, love 

between two people fulfills the circuit of totalness. Love provides the 

atmosphere of happiness; it cements a connection between the two of 

you. Second, love is a declaration of commitment and happiness; it can 

be a spark that ignites passion and understanding in a relationship. Love 

empowers each of us to acknowledge each other’s empathy. Thirdly,

love is a wide range of emotions that fulfill your inner needs; it brings a 

romance into your life that leaves a desire to relive it each day. 

     So, as you can see when deciding between love and money, it can be 

a difficult decision. I will leave you with this one thought- “Money may not 

last forever but true love may last a lifetime”.

                                      Good Luck!!