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Personality Types

      When you begin that search for the ideal mate you 

may want to consider your partner’s personality and how it 

will play a role in your relationship. A personality is the

combination of one’s attributes and features which may 

describe one’s character. These traits can range from 

being affectionate to lack of passion. This article will touch 

upon the positive traits that may help you decide what you 

may want/need in your partner.

     The first one that stands out is honesty: with honesty

comes trust; it's feeling comfortable knowing your partner 

is providing you with truth and openness; that everything 

can be shared and discussed. Honesty is a very important 

part of one’s character, some may say it's the most 

respected trait. The next one I would look for is empathy; a 

trait that shows feelings can be a very rare but necessary 

quality in a relationship; not to be confused with feeling 

bad for someone or taking pity, empathy goes further, it is 

having the ability to be in their shoes and feel what they 

are feeling. The ability to have empathy will have a 

soothing effect toward your partner because it will show 

your understanding and compassion.

     The last one I truly value is respect; however, before 

you can respect someone else you need to respect 

yourself. Self respect is important because it describes the 

type of person you are and how you value yourself and 

others around you. Surrounding yourself with people you 

value and respect creates an atmosphere of security, 

safety and happiness.When you and your partner show 

mutual respect for one another, your relationship will grow 

and become stronger; your time together will be 

meaningful and your happiness fulfilled.

                            Good Luck !!