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Power Couples

     One of the fantasies of us all is to be a power couple; two people who

have fought the odds and have achieved monetary and their full potential. 

However, how does this happen and can you be that lucky couple; are 

you and your partner willing to forsake all others and prioritize your values  

for one another. Let’s take a closer look at this phenomenon.

     It usually begins with the values that are instilled as a youngster; the 

basic importance of understanding that working hard for a goal is not a 

bad thing but a rewarding one. Noticed, I mentioned the word goal. In life 

the more goals we have, then possibly the more success. When couples 

begin a relationship they look for these traits in each other. A successful 

couple, are two people that can be honest, open and communicate their 

needs and wants in a way that could lead to being a power couple.

     Power couples are people that examine their relationship, determine 

their strengths and make accommodations to accomplish their goals.

Power couples have certain characteristics, such as vision, resilienc and 

total commitment to each other. Having said this, one key ingredient 

between couples is the consistent support and encouragement you give 

to one another. 

     Most power couples understand that it is critical to be on the same 

page, that two minds gel together to make one. Decisions are made 

through logic and not the heart; that each of you have the other’s best 

interest in mind and failure is not an option.

     In closing, becoming a power couple is not for everyone; however, if 

you and your partner enjoy time being spent working hard and sacrificing 

some of life’s opportunities then by all means, strive for this and create a 

the world where you are in charge and happiness is always only a hug 


                                       Good Luck !!