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Saving For a Rainy Day

     As a couple once you have decided to merge together 

 as one, then one of the first actions that should be 

 the plan in saving money for that rainy day. Whether it be 

 a car,  house or a trip any of these options cost money and 

 as a  couple you need some strategy to achieve this. In 

 this article we will explore different options that may help.

     The first thing is to identify three desirable wants, then 

come up with several ways to save money; the first, save 

all loose change from shopping etc. 

     Second, play a game that not only saves money but 

 improves some form of behavior that ignores one another.

 like raising your voice, or forgetting to take out trash and a 

 pretty standard one leaving dirty laundry on the floor.

    Third, be a coupon saver and the money you save put 

 into a jar and watch the savings grow. Using coupons may 

 take some time to adapt but it will be worth it in the long run.

     The next idea is to change your routine; instead of 

having coffee or breakfast outside plan on enjoying your 

breakfast at home. When doing this you are be creating a 

budget with common goals; to save money.

     The last idea is to acknowledge you are a team; as a 

team you both decide to live off one paycheck and save 

the other. That is a real quick way of saving.

   Remember there may be times when you need to 

borrow from your rainy day funds for unplanned emergencies; 

don’t get discouraged just continue with your plan  

and enjoy looking forward to that rainy day.


                         Good Luck!!