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The Art of Arguing between Couples

      The other day I was relaxing with my wife at a very nice 

isolated location when this young couple sat about 20 feet 

from us; to me what happened next was more disturbing 

than their social distancing, it was how they argued with 

one another. This was an embarrassing situation not only 

for my wife and me but I am sure for the young couple as 

well. What was happening was neither one of them were 

giving an inch; there were loud tones of voice, rude 

comments and bringing up the past; in other words one of 

them was fighting to win and be right. I am not an expert 

in this area but I do know that fighting in public is one of 

the quickest ways to end a relationship; why, because it 

shows no respect or feelings of love toward one another, 

so let's take a look at some other options that relate to 

arguing. It will happen. Someday you and your partner will 

have an argument and to keep it from possibly ruining 

your relationship, try these methods that may help.

     First, try to not to let feelings be bottled up; deal with 

the issue when they happen; this may reduce the anxiety 

and anger.

     Second, be clear what the argument is really about. 

Many times there may be a hidden agenda that prevents 

solving the actual problem.

     Third, be honest and always respectful. Take turns listening and 

talking; provide and maintain eye contact at all times. Deal with the facts 

not with the what if’s.

     Lastly, arguments between you both, may be better off in private;

You don’t need an audience rooting you on so choose a neutral location 

and arrange quiet time that will help you both focus. An argument that 

happens occasionally is not a bad thing, just keep in mind that if not 

handled with the love and care you have for one another, then it could 

become your Achilles heel.

                                         Good Luck !!