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    A key ingredient for a couple’s existence is the set of values they bring

 into a relationship. Each one of us has some type of values that was 

instilled into us either by family or friends. There are several types of 

values that are important if you are looking for a successful and happy 


     Patience- to me is a key aspect in a relationship for a couple of 

reasons; first, it gives your partner a real vivid picture of your mental 

status; people with patience seem to have better coping skills and 

second, people with patience tend to see the whole picture and are able 

to help diffuse the negativity and increase the positivity.

     Be observant -This value seems to elude many couples involved in a 

relationship; the importance is critical because it gives your partner the 

feeling of being valued; ( i.e.- notice appearance/ work quality and the 

mind signals that are sent). In a relationship this value empowers you to 

understand  what surrounds you and what is the importance now.

     Have compassion- This shows the kind and loving side in a 

relationship; it has so many components such as communication, 

empathy and understanding. When we care for another it opens a world 

of honesty and love. Showing compassion helps you as a person, 

because it presents an inner quality that demonstrates sincerity and 


     My last value is a rare one and that is understanding. This hidden 

value helps to complete the many components of a relationship. It helps 

to identify the inner emotions and thought process our partner may have.

Sometimes, understanding can be difficult, however, it paves the way we 

feel and without it the relationship may fail. The more we understand our 

partner, the more we are aware of their identity.

                                 Good Luck !!