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What are You Really looking for in a Partner

     We all have some type of life goals; but what about goals for a future 

partner. This article will view some important and effective goals that may 

help to cement a lasting relationship.

     When you and your partner begin dating you probably are not focusing 

on the future; this may happen as your relationship begins to become 

more serious and stronger feelings arise. So, with this being identified, 

here are some goals that may assist you in choosing a life long partner.

     Attraction- this is not meant as only physical but mentally as well. Both 

attractions are important in a relationship because both stimulate the body 

and mind. Intimacy, keeps a relationship alive and exciting; while a mental 

attraction generates knowledge and interests you both share.

     Respect- this is a game changer because you view your partner as a 

complete person and not someone you wish to control; in a healthy 

a respectful relationship, the ability to be open, honest and trustworthy  

determines how you may treat and love one another. 

     The next goal which may be important is the importance of family.

How one interacts with family may give you a solid look into your future.

Does your partner treat their family with love and respect; do they set time 

aside to engage with family and do they show physical feelings, like hugs 

or kisses to one another. How your partner intertwines with family may 

show you how you may be treated in the future.

     Dependability is a goal that we all may take for granted sometimes;

simple things like being on time, remembering important dates and being 

loyal can enhance the relationship. It builds trust and affection; it tells your 

partner you have their back. It demonstrates responsibility and 


     Finally, the last goal you may be looking at for in a partner is their 

empathy. Empathy shows compassion and understanding of feelings. It

can be emotional or mentally; the important point here is that empathy 

leads to connections between one another and forms a bond.

Hope these suggestions help with your search for that awesome partner.

                                        Good Luck !!