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25 Spooky Wedding Proposal Ideas for Your Halloween Lover

25 Spooky Wedding Proposal Ideas for Your Halloween Lover

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2020 has been a strange year, so far, but the return of wilted leaves and cooler weather has our inner freak rejoicing for Halloween shenanigans. While the costume party might not be as lit as last year, that doesn’t mean you and your partner need to ignore spooky season altogether. Maybe you’re feeling even more adventurous than just curling up on the couch to binge-watch scary movies together. Perhaps you think, now, after all, that you’ve been through together this year, Halloween is the right time to cement your love for one another. Celebrate with doom and gloom!

If you’re planning on proposing to your partner this Halloween, you might be in need of some wedding proposal ideas. Have no fear, though, we’ve got you covered with lots of cheesy and pumpkin spiced latte filled ideas that your spouse will love. Whatever you choose, just remember to keep an eye out for Michael Myers when you try to celebrate post-engagement—Haddonfield teenagers should have paid more attention when enjoying their Halloween night rendezvous.  

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1. Indulge in Trick or Treating 

Everyone might say that trick or treating is only for kids, but where’s the fun in that. While you might be kicked off of some porches when trying to be cute with your soon-to-be fiancée, consider going specifically to homes of people you know. Best of all, go to someone’s home who you know well and put your plan into action. Give this person the engagement ring and tell them to hand it to your partner after having given the two of you a treat. They can call your fiancée back to the door and give it to them, wherein they will turn, looking to you, where you’ll be waiting on one knee ready for their answer.  

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2. Propose in Costume 

Some couples love dressing up in matching outfits every Halloween—some even love dressing up behind closed doors for the fun of it. Whichever category you fall into, use it to your advantage this year. Whether you’re a knight in shining armor and a damsel in distress or Freddy Kreuger and Jason Vorhees, you can have fun with your engagement while taking your significant other by surprise. Consider taking it a step further by getting yourself a ring to go with their own. Stick to the occult side of the season and get a black wedding band to signify your undying love and occult soul. 

3. Get in the Season: Go Apple Picking or Stop By the Pumpkin Patch 

With apples, pumpkin, and maple coming into the season, now is not the time to be afraid to be sweet. There are two ways you can approach heading to an orchard around this Halloween: Go to an orchard and go apple picking, where you will eventually pop the question somewhere among the apple trees; or you can go searching for a pumpkin among a patch where you previously left love notes. For the former, you could make things interesting by asking your partner to reach up for an apple and surprise them when they turn around, finding you down on one knee. For the latter, you could talk to the farm and ask them to leave out a pumpkin for you beforehand, which has a hand-written message on it.

4. Carve Pumpkins Together

So you didn’t pop the question while out picking, but that doesn’t mean the pumpkin spice is lost. It might be a messy move, but a hidden surprise can make pumpkin carving that much more exciting. You’ve got a few options here. You can either:

5. End the Haunted House on a Big Scare and an Even Bigger Surprise

Haunted houses always make for a fun scare, spooking you along the way with random jump scares and ghoulish characters lunging out at you. If COVID hasn’t shut down your local haunted house this year, it might be fun to visit one and ask one of the performers at the end of the house to present the ring for you, giving your significant other the happy ending they’ve always been waiting for. 

If this isn't an option, consider checking out some locally known haunted houses on your own. Rather than finding a scare when peering into the windows of the abandoned home, you could present your lover with a ring, asking them to marry you at this spooky spot. 

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Halloween is a holiday/season that some people truly love. If you and your partner are in this camp, it’s the perfect time for you to pop the question. Consider a dark and mysterious ring or try grabbing one of our black wedding rings or to truly fit the aesthetic of the ghoulish, spooky vibe this time of year is lauded for.