3 Wedding Ring Solutions Perfect for Military Personnel

Military weddings are a joyous occasion. Whether you’re about to head overseas or are just coming back from tour, it’s incredible to gather with your family and layout your future with the love of your life—planning to create a family of your own. If you’re a military man looking for the best ring available, you might have some questions that need answering, including “What is the best material for men’s wedding rings?” Moreover, what are the best wedding rings for military personnel?

What are the rules regarding wedding rings and the military?

Any military personnel will know that military regulations must be followed. Someone in your platoon might tell you otherwise, but it’s not worth testing your superiors. Regarding wedding rings, military regulations allow you to wear up to two rings, where a wedding ring counts as one. Rings must be simple and safe—made of a material that is not likely to catch or draw attention. 

Where Do Metal Rings Stand in All of This?

While you might still want that traditional gold ring, it won’t be a smart idea while you’re still on active duty. First off, metals such as gold, silver, tungsten, and cobalt are sure to bring attention to them. You don’t want to carry anything particularly valuable on your person, or that which can act as an identifiable object, thus giving your position away.

Second, metal wedding rings can easily get caught on machinery, artillery, vehicles, and more. Due to their rigid structure, they don’t offer any give—which spells bad news for the health of your ring finger. 

While metal rings can work, it’s in your best interest to avoid them while remaining on active duty. Thankfully, there are alternative models that make it easy to show your commitment while remaining safe while on duty.

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Wedding Ring Solutions

The best material for men’s wedding rings for military members include some of the following:

  • Silicone Wedding Bands

The idea of a metal ring might be ideal, but, under some circumstances, you need something different. It might not be your first thought as an alternative, but silicone wedding bands for men’s wedding bands work wonders.

Silicone wedding bands for men’s wedding bands work perfectly as they allow you to remain active without having to give up your adventurous and industrious characteristics. Not as bulky as their metal counterparts and ideal for workouts, training exercises, and field safety, silicone rings are just the things for the best men of military personnel.

At Manly Bands, our The Best Man ring is here to be with you through thick and thin. Just 8mm thick and available in numerous colors, from black to gunmetal, navy to royal, The Best Man is just that—it has your back, whether you’re on tour or back home with your spouse.

  • Black Zirconium Wedding Rings

If you’re looking for an option besides silicone rings, you can consider investing in a black zirconium wedding ring. These rings are durable, lightweight, and they can most certainly stand up to the wear and tear of being out in the field.

Black Zirconium rings will often come in different styles and colors and can easily be fitted to the exact size you need. So no matter what you're looking for in a wedding ring, you'll find it in one of these bad boys! 

  • Wood Wedding Rings

Wood rings are another viable option for any military personnel, as they are inconspicuous and work quite well with your hands—you won’t have to worry about them catching any attention or causing possible physical discomfort.

However, there is a small downside: Wood wedding rings should not be soaked. While they can get wet here and there—say, while washing your hands—you cannot let them get drenched on a regular basis. Dependent on your area of deployment, this might make a wooden wedding ring an immediate no-go, so it’s something you should consider. 

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The Right Ring for Your Military Needs

While there are numerous choices available to military personnel, silicone wedding bands tend to be preferred for men’s wedding bands. Their durability, lightweight construction, and ease-of-wear make them the perfect choice for any man intending to partake in some back-breaking work, whether traveling on active duty or clearing out some lumber and debris once back home.

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