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6 Classy Wedding Rings Fit for Business-Savvy Men

6 Classy Wedding Rings Fit for Business-Savvy Men

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A business-savvy man has a certain outlook on life. They know how to close a deal, how to compete without being egotistical, how to remain objective, and how to act without second-guessing themselves. When finding a lifelong partner, you need someone who meets you at every turn, who works with you to make each other better, stronger people. How do you make that type of love count? 

Being a business-savvy man includes having the whole package. You’ve got the right suit, haircut, wallet, watch, and business acumen, and you’re going to tell us that you’ll settle for just any wedding ring? No good friend would let their business-minded friend settle on a ring. That’s why classy wedding rings are the best choice for you. Not sure what’s available? These are some of our favorite options currently available at Manly Bands.  

1. Dinosaur Bone Rings 

If you were a kid who loved dinosaurs and read the quintessential guide to dinos every day, boy do we have great news for you. Our dinosaur bone wedding rings are incredible—full stop. Although nothing else really needs to be said—Did you hear us? Dinosaur. Bone. Ring.—these inlays deserve serious consideration. Available in red, tan, and black inlays, these dinosaur rings are sure to turn heads. Best of all, expect business partners’ reactions when they ask about it:

“Wow, beautiful ring. What is it?”

“Oh, thank you! It’s a dinosaur bone inlay.”

*Cue their eyes popping out of their head exploding.*

2. Meteorite Wedding Bands 

Dinosaurs rock. You know what else rocks? Well, rocks—particularly the rock that killed the dinosaurs. That’s right. We have meteorite rings. Dinosaur rings allow you to have a piece of history from hundreds of millions of years ago, but a meteorite ring may very well contain a piece of history that’s older. Galaxies collide in this ring, and for good reason. Impress everyone at your next business conference with one of these beautiful rings. One-of-a-kind for a one-in-a-million man. 

3. Gold Wedding Rings 

Maybe you’re not the type who wants to draw attention to yourself. You might be the entrepreneur who likes to dress simply, speak a few words, and let your actions and outcomes speak for you—the Steve Jobs type.  

Gold wedding rings might be the best option for you. Traditional and to the point. Style and class without being flashy. You don’t need to scream your love from the rooftops; your relationship is one that exudes a sense of comfort, security, and passion that doesn’t need flair to protect it. 

 Huntsman Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Huntsman Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

4. Camo Rings

Maybe you’re a cutthroat in the office and a hunter on the weekends. If you’re a good ol’ boy at heart, you might feel a supreme sense of comfort wearing one of our camo wedding bands. Not only will they blend in while out in the forest while patiently on the hunt, but they’ll exude the naturalist spirit that lives within you. 

5. Damascus Steel Wedding Rings

You might be the man who yearns for the simple lifestyle of the mill man—the man who worked day after day, putting in his time and providing his best, all so he could return to his family with pay to live a comfortable life together—or maybe you’re just a Game of Thrones superfan (if you survived the last episode). Whichever you are, Damascus steel rings fit all of your needs. Tougher than nails and forged in fire, it’s the manliest for all men. 

 Night Raven Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

The Night Raven Black Zirconium Wedding Ring

7. Black Diamond Wedding Rings 

A diamond wedding ring? For a man?! Calm down. Your masculinity is safe. Our men’s black diamond wedding rings might even make you more of a cutting figure. You’ll have that bling encapsulated in small black gems. It’s not only beautiful but gothic—like the shimmering moon on a clouded, dark night. 

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All right, we’re going to let you in on a little secret: We love all of our wedding rings! The selection we have available at Manly Bands is our absolute finest—we only provide what we’d like to wear ourselves. Interested in seeing what else we have available? Take a closer look at our available collections of men’s wedding rings. You’re sure to find the wedding band that’s perfect for you.