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6 Things Your Groom Should Do During Wedding Planning

6 Things Your Groom Should Do During Wedding Planning

Congrats! You're engaged! After the initial excitement wears off, you start to realize that there is a lot of work that needs to be done in order to pull off the perfect wedding day.

Speaking purely from a man's perspective, I can tell you that I was absolutely floored by the number of things that went into planning our wedding. My fiancé had been planning her wedding since she was a teenager and I hadn't even thought about it until I got her engagement ring.

At Manly Bands, stressed out grooms and their future significant others often vent to us about how stressful this process is, so we decided to put together a short list of "MUST DOs" to think about before you say "I DO" on your special day. 

1. Sit down and discuss the budget FIRST

Seriously - this seems like a boring and mundane task, but believe me, if you can decide - and stick to - a wedding budget, that will eliminate about 50% off the stress right off the bat. Once you start seeing how fast things will add up, having a budget will keep you on track so that your happiest day doesn't lead to a marriage with massive debt on day one.

2. Decide how many people you want to invite 

Look, I'm a dude and I didn't want a million people staring at me during one of the most vulnerable (and sweaty) moments of my life. I also knew that more people = more $$$. Most venues charge by the plate, so be aware of this going into it. 

3. Define your wedding style

Where your getting married will immediately impact so many other decisions. Sit down and work with your future spouse to determine what kind of wedding you want. A hot trend right now are rustic outdoor weddings. These can be less expensive than the penthouse overlooking NYC and you can fit a lot more people (if that's your thing). Check out all options and find something that really fits you as a couple.

4. Choose your groomsmen and plan your bachelor party!

This is on you. Surround yourself with the men that mean the most to you and have had your back since day one. Then talk to your best man and get the bachelor party process started. I don't recommend waiting until the weekend before your wedding as there was just to much to do during wedding week for me. Plan it early and it will be more fun and you can focus on just having bro time with your dudes. 

5. Get your wedding band!

Obviously we're biased, but for me this was a real problem. I kept putting it off due to work and didn't get around to choosing my ring until about 2 weeks before our wedding. BIG MISTAKE - DON'T DO THIS. Not only was my future wife absolutely furious I had put it off so long, but when I had trouble finding one and later needed to get it resized, we almost didn't have it in time for the wedding. This is easy guys, get it done early. Pick one out. Get it. TRY IT ON and if it doesn't fit you'll have time to get it exchanged. No reason for this part to be stressful. Did I mention to TRY IT ON...

6. Be Supportive

Look, it's no secret that one of you will take on the brunt of the wedding planning. For me, it was my wife. That definitely doesn't mean it was her responsibility. In retrospect, I wish I had been more involved. I think it would have been a great opportunity to grow even closer to her and I'm sure she would have appreciated the help. My advice is to try to take a few small things off her list as often as you can. Need to get prices from a photographer? Give a few a call. Need to confirm if one of your friends is coming - make it your mission to track them down and find out. Little things like that (and more if she needs help) will go a long way to reducing stress and make the experience much easier in the long run.

Planning a wedding really does get a bad rep, but it doesn't have to be a terrible experience. A little planning, support and understanding can really go a long way to helping calm things down and make it a much more meaningful process.

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