8 Ways to Sneakily Get Your Partner’s Wedding Ring Size

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All right, man. You’re on duty to cover the wedding necessitates. You’ve covered most of the bases, paid for most of everything, but here’s one thing you haven’t gotten to yet: the wedding ring. Choosing a style can be hard, but you know what can be even harder? Getting your partner’s wedding ring size. We get it. You want to be sneaky about it. It’s easier to just go ring shopping with your fiance, but where’s the fun in that? (Plus, you wouldn’t ask them their dress size, so why ask their ring size?) Here are some simple ways to get their ring size down. 

1. Be sneaky.

Ever heard of the game Splinter Cell? If not, what are you doing with your life? Go and play one of the games. We’ll wait until you’re ready.

…All right, Sam Fisher is a total bad a**—right? And what’s his greatest strength? Sneaking. Be Sam Fisher. Find clues in subtle ways. Check the ring size while they:

  • Shower
  • Garden
  • Sleep
  • Paint
  • Workout

Any time they take off their ring, get to work. Don’t forget the night vision goggles if you’re maneuvering while they sleep. 

2. Ask for help from their friends and family. 

Don’t be afraid to ask for help from others. You might not want to go shopping for wedding rings for fun, but their mother or girlfriends might. Let them have a fun day out and collect whatever reconnaissance you can. 

3. Try it on for yourself. 

This might not be your first thought, but try on their rings for yourself. You can take off their ring while they shower and get a perfect size, but why not screw with them? Who doesn’t like foolin’ around? See if you can slip off their ring while you’re watching Netflix on the couch. Try it on your own fingers and see how it fits. Do a little fashion show for your partner while you’re at it, show it off, flaunt it—you’re beautiful, you’re perfect, you deserve it. If the ring fits one of your fingers, get to a jeweler and have them size your finger for you. Or do it yourself. 

4. Get a ring size chart online.

If you want to play it safe, there is no better option than using a ring size chart. This allows you to be accurate, giving you the standard ring size that best fits your partner. You can either ask them to check their size with you or ask outright to size their fingers for fun. 

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5. Borrow a ring they don’t wear much.

Is your partner the type to own tons and tons of jewelry? The type that overflows all of your nightstand, which you find in the couch and occasionally stuck in the bathroom sink? Grab a ring they don’t wear much and take it to a jeweler. They can easily size it for you. However, ask your partner about the ring at a later time. If they’re not wearing it, it’s good to know whether it’s for a reason—such as the ring being too small or large nowadays.

6. Trace your path.

Time to get creative, bud. Bust out those crayons and that thick, colored paper. We’re heading back to your elementary school days, and we’re tracing! Find a ring lying around? Put it on a piece of paper and trace its inside. Measure that at a later time and BOOM, you’ve got their ring size. 

7. Just ask them.

All right, we’re going to be a bummer for a second. No surprises, no balloons, no confetti. No need to overthink it, dude. There’s already enough going on in your life. Be straightforward! The surprise element is great, but there’s nothing wrong with asking them outright. Plus, it will save you the worry of searching for their ring size at every hour of the day.

8. You can always resize it later!

Best of all, if you don’t know their ring size to a T, you can always get it resized at a later time. Bring it to a jeweler, and they should have no problem resizing it—depending on the metal. So don’t sweat. Get the ring as close as you can and fix it later if need be.   

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