Becoming a Couple

     At what age will you become a couple? What factors determine your relationship and how important is an age gap. In today’s society women and men are throwing caution to the wind and engaging in romantic connections. 

     There is a formula that can help you decide your partner’s age gap; you take your age divide it by two and add seven, by doing this you are maintaining acceptable social rules. However, let’s look at some other factors that may determine your commitment; I call it PEM meaning-Physically, emotionally and mentally; PEM can help you decide on the proper time to engage in a relationship.

     Physically- this is when you begin to develop and you are taking good care for your body by eating healthy foods and getting plenty of exercise. As you grow older how you look may play an important role in your self-esteem; acceptance is a vital part of life and how you look and feel conveys a message of confidence.

     Emotionally- feelings, whether they are yours or your partner, tend to guide a relationship. Emotions can be verbal or non-verbal, they help to shape our behavior and secure partnerships. As you grow in age your feelings also grow, what was once important may have changed; you now are able to cope better with situations and express your needs; you and your partner share an emotional connection that can solidify your wants for each other.

     Finally,- mentally, both of you are able to plan for the future and surround yourselves with good karma; You both understand how you both have gotten to where you are and what it will take to accomplish your lives together. If you and your partner can relate mentally, then your relationship will tend to avoid negativity and focus more on positivity.

     PEM, is just a tool, there are many other aspects in becoming a couple, but those three ingredients may help you and your partner begin to understand what a couple may need to become a relationship.

                                        Good Luck !!

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