Black Metal Rings: Your Guide to the Pros, Cons and More

You like to be different. You’re the kind of guy who wants to stand out from the crowd by shirking the limelight. The guy who gets the attention of others by never asking for it. The guy who likes to be mysterious, shrouding himself so he can live a life undisturbed, in peace. 

Or maybe you’re just the guy who loves death metal, horror films, all things occult or Johnny Cash

If you’re any of the above, you’re likely searching for black metal rings. That’s probably why you clicked on this blog, right? Nevermind our meta thoughts. If you’re looking for black metal rings, we’ve got you covered. But why would you want a black wedding ring? Also, do black wedding rings hold any specific significance? 

The History of Black Wedding Rings

When we think of traditional wedding rings, we think of gold. What’s a wedding without gold rings, right? 

Well, you’ll be happy to know that black wedding rings have a history of their own. Back in ye olden days, Greeks and Romans were reported to have made wedding bands out of black onyx. They’d be given to husbands and wives as a sign of love, authority or for fashion purposes. Some would even use black onyx as an addition to their traditional bands. It was a way that others could identify them, knowing they were who they were said to be. 

a manly bands the victor ring

Do Black Wedding Rings Have Any Significance? 

If you’re wondering whether black wedding rings have any symbolism, the answer is this: not really. But that’s the beauty of black wedding bands – they mean whatever you want them to mean. 

The color black has cultural symbolism, such as being a sign of strength, courage and the unknown. To others, it can mean the deepest emotions one can feel. For those getting married, it could even symbolize you and your partner’s unending love – ’til death do you part, right? 

So, generally put, the only symbolism is only what you make of it. If you want your ring to symbolize the deep emotional connection you have with your spouse, it will mean just that. If you feel that black is a symbol of manliness, power and courage, then it will mean just that. 

Getting Stylish with Black Wedding Bands 

You may be wondering what the best wedding rings for men are, but there’s no one answer. The best ring is the wedding band that suits your personal needs, budget and style. 

Black wedding bands are a great option for almost any man as they offer versatility. Let’s get real  – Gold and silver wedding bands are outta this world, and they’re as traditional as it gets, but they have a downside: you have to pair your clothing and other jewelry with them. Suddenly, you have limitations on you that require more of your attention each day. 

a manly bands the genius wedding band

A black wedding ring will go with almost any style and color of clothing you wear. 

Well, what about a brown or khaki suit???

Don’t mind that, dork. If you’re cool enough to wear a black wedding band, you’re cool enough to pull off unconventional pairings. 

To Wear Your Heart on Your Sleeve 

If you’re the type of guy who isn’t afraid to show his emotions and is willing to open up about his struggles, challenges, trials and temptations, a black wedding ring might be for you. To some, black is the color of the protector. It’s the color worn by those both looking for shelter and providing it to others, whenever possible. 

The man who understands how unfair the world can be, and who regularly puts himself out there to support and protect others. The man who isn’t afraid to stand up for what’s right, even if it means potentially harming his ego or way of life. The man who, when the chips are down, will ensure that everyone remains taken care of, not just himself. 

If you find yourself identifying with any descriptions, you might be the man we’re talking about. 

The Safe Space

Black has sometimes been used as a color for safe spaces, too. While LGBTQ+ flags may be bright, some groups have used black as a symbol of integration and acceptance. Why? 

When talking about color theory, things get complicated. But suffice it to say, black is not a color. Rather, black is the absence of color, such that it absorbs every color within its vicinity. 

a manly bands the orc ring

Put into the terms of people, personalities and communities, this references that the color black is welcoming of all and any people. It’s similar to finding incredibly welcoming people in communities of noise music, black metal, avant garde art and more. There’s something welcoming to surrounding yourself with people who feel like fellow outcasts of modern society. 

Black Metal Rings Perfect for You

So you’re interested in a black metal wedding ring – not like Bathory or Mayhem black metal, like, a black metal. But what ring is right for you? Here’s the black metals we offer at Manly Bands. 

Titanium Wedding Rings 

First, let’s look at our titanium rings. Titanium wedding bands are awesome for the versatility they offer husbands-to-be. The best thing about titanium is its strength and resilience – it won’t be beaten down by scratches, bumps, drops or hits. However, it doesn’t end there. Titanium is also as light as a feather!

This means you can wear a ring that remains safe at every turn, all without allowing it to weigh you down.  

black zirconium wedding bands

Black Zirconium Rings 

Now, maybe you want something as interesting as titanium. You want something that’s a little darker, a little more sleek, a little more shine. Black zirconium wedding bands provide just that, and so much more. 

First of all, black zirconium is hypoallergenic. This is perfect for anyone who is sensitive to metals. What makes it so safe? Naturally occurring zirconium does not have allergen properties. Our rings will keep your finger safe solely because they are as near-Earth as can be. 

But it goes further than that! Black zirconium is also a non-reactive metal, meaning you don’t have to worry, whether working with machinery, electricity or live ammunition. This, and its high strength, also means it will stand up to the work you do around the house, not just at work. So you can expect to get down to work without ever letting your ring get in the way.  

Tantalum Rings 

Not sure what metal is right for you just yet? Tantalum wedding rings are another excellent strength. 

Mined around the world, tantalum is often used in electronic devices. Unfortunately, supplies are depleting around the world, as mines start to run dry. The benefit to you is that the ring will one day be a relic because of it. 

Now, what is it that makes tantalum a great metal for rings? Tantalum is highly resistant to scratches and can stand up against potential breaks and other damage. It’s equally as resistant to corrosive materials – except for the very toughest acids – so you barely have to worry about taking your ring off before working on specific projects. 

The ring is also great for people like chefs, electricians and other workers, as tantalum naturally doesn’t conduct heat. This means your fingers will be kept safe, whatever you’re working on. 

Now, for the most exciting part: Tantalum is named after the Greek figure Tantalus. The wealthy, wicked king of Sipylus, Tantalus was punished by Zeus for attempting to serve his own son at the Feast of the Gods. His punishment? To forever go hungry and thirsty. He was standing in a pool of water he couldn’t bend over to drink from and a fruit tree hanging just out of his reach. He’d forever be tempted.

The next time someone asks about your wedding ring, you’ll have quite the story to tell them!

tungsten wedding bands

Tungsten Wedding Bands 

Last of the black metal rings, what makes tungsten rings stand out from the bunch? First off, it’s not a Pokemon or a Digimon character. Tungsten is a total winner when it comes to wedding bands. It’s 10 times harder than gold, almost as hard as a diamond, about three times harder than titanium and cobalt chrome, hypoallergenic and scratch-resistant. 

But the fun doesn’t stop there! It has the highest melting point of all metals, meaning it will never be damaged when dealing with heat. Lastly, it stands by its name: Tungsten means “heavy stone” in Swedish. 

But that’s not the end of it! Tungsten is affordable. But, with everything mentioned above, that doesn’t mean you’re getting a cheap ring. You’re getting an affordable ring whose weight you can feel on your finger. And it’ll stand up to whatever damage you throw at it. 

Non-Metal Black Wedding Bands

Maybe you’re looking for a black ring that isn’t made of metal. If so, we’ve got a few rings that will absolutely meet your needs. 

Carbon Fiber Rings 

Black carbon fiber is an excellent choice for any man looking for a reliable ring that will handle whatever you throw at it. Chances are you’ve heard about the many uses of carbon fiber, from military weapons to cycling road bikes to Formula 1 race cars. But what makes it so useful to these industries? 

carbon fiber rings

Carbon fiber is one of the most ideal materials produced in the world. It’s as light as a feather and stronger than the toughest stainless steel out there. It’s the ideal ring for the working man, the man who works with his hands day after day, who isn’t afraid to get their hands dirty at the drop of a hat. 

Why not get the strongest, sleekest ring there is on the market? 

Silicone Wedding Bands 

Lastly, if you’re looking for a ring that fits almost all of your needs, you should consider a silicone ring. While they might not be as tough as carbon fiber rings, they are as versatile – in their own way. 

The benefit of silicone rings is their flexibility and affordability. In the event that your ring gets caught on a hard object, it won’t damage your finger in the process. One of the greatest worries about wearing a metal ring is that it could cause what’s known as ring avulsion – otherwise known by the unpleasant term of “degloving.” Trust us when we say it’s not pretty.

If you’re someone who works with your hands day in and day out or simply enjoys working in the yard and lifting weights at the gym, it’s in your best interest to wear a silicone ring. It’s easier than having to take your metal wedding band off every time you have to do something with your hands. 

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