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Don't Wait Until The Last Minute! Why You Should Choose Your Wedding Band ASAP.

Don't Wait Until The Last Minute! Why You Should Choose Your Wedding Band ASAP.

Once that ring is on your finger, it's supposed to stay there for the rest of your life, so getting stuck with a wedding band that's too small, completely hideous, or wrong for your lifestyle means a lifetime of aggravation. If that worries you even a little bit, then waiting until the last minute to buy your band is a terrible idea. Unless you're very, very confident about how well the ring you picked will fit - and whether you'll like it enough to wear it forever - put your order in way before the ceremony.

One Month?
You can get away with ordering your band a month ahead of time if you know exactly what style you want, and you're absolutely positive about your size. That's only possible if you have been to a few jewelers for measurements, and all of them came back with the same number.

Two months?
This works if you're pretty sure that you know what you want, and you have just been sized by one jeweler.

Three Months?
If you have no clue what you want or what your size is, give it at least three months. That's the very least amount of time you'll need to pick something that works on every level.

Here are some things to know when searching in your time frame-

Standard Sizing Isn't Standard

Assuming you know your ring size (and most guys don't), you might be tempted to place your order a couple of weeks before your wedding. Let's be straight: That's a risky move. Ring sizing isn't an exact science, and some rings fit differently, even if they swear to be the same size. On top of that, you've got to decide whether you like standard or comfort fit, which is almost impossible to figure out without trying them on. (Comfort fit is more rounded than standard fit.)

If your ring is too loose, it can slide off at exactly the wrong time - like in the ocean while you are on your honeymoon! You have no idea how many times that happens. On the other hand, if your ring is too tight, you'll have some awkward moments mid-wedding-ceremony - plus, it will be really uncomfortable and you won't want to wear it, which will make you very unpopular with your future wife.

Keep in mind that stress (like wedding stress) does crazy things to your weight, which directly impacts how well your ring fits. It is pretty common for guys to go down half a ring size in the months after the ceremony. Of course, you might gain that weight back right away, especially if you plan to start a family. Lots of dads-to-be discover the pleasures of eating for two!

Start by using the sizing tools offered in jewelry stores and online, but remember that nothing takes the place of taking your band for a test drive. If your first choice doesn't fit, don't worry. As long as you ordered it well in advance, you have options. Depending on the material and design of your ring, it's possible that the band can be adjusted a bit - but you should know that tungsten and titanium rings can't be resized at all. The same goes for rings that include wood.

Whether you have to send your first try back for another size or you have a talented local jeweler who can give you a little more (or a little less) room, you should expect the process to take a few weeks. That's assuming you buy from a company with a great exchange policy, of course.

Style and Comfort

Lots of guys start their shopping with the CEO look in mind (just the basics, please), only to discover they are more the Angler type after all. It's always a shocker when you learn that you were completely wrong about the ring design you want. Fortunately, there are endless options, so you'll eventually find something that feels right.

Wedding bands are made from all kinds of metals, and some incorporate stones, wood, and other fancy touches. Certain rings are surprisingly heavy, depending on the metal used and the width of the band. It may take a little bit of practice wear to figure out whether the weight and width of the ring you picked will be comfortable long-term. One of the best ways to find out what you like is visiting the jewelry stores at your local mall. Stop in on your way to the Apple store, or tag along when your fiancée gets her new ring shined to try on different sizes and styles.

Sizing is the key to comfort when it comes to your ring. Even though your band technically fits, some guys feel claustrophobic if it doesn't spin and slide easily. Then again, too much spinning and sliding might get on your nerves if you are the kind of guy who likes to set it and forget it. Try to figure out what kind of ring-wearer you are, and leave enough time to test out your band so you can exchange it if the weight and fit aren't quite right.

The bottom line is, make sure you find a ring that feels right on a fundamental level - something that seems like it was made for you. Don't worry if your first order doesn't quite fit the bill after you have tried it on. As long as you leave enough time to make an exchange, you can test out different options until you find one that is just right.


You're far more likely to enjoy your honeymoon if you stay well-within your ring budget before the wedding. Arguing about how much money you spent is not the best way to relax and enjoy your first few days of marriage. Coordinate with your significant other to make sure that the combination of rings doesn't send you into major debt. Better still, get a great deal and use the cash you save to upgrade your honeymoon flights to first-class.

Choosing your wedding band is a big moment. The ceremony lasts just a few minutes, but your ring is forever. Don't leave this life-altering purchase to the last minute. Make one-to-three months your mantra. One-to-three months. One-to-three months. One-to-three months. You got this!