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Notes From Dad: Choosing Your Best Man

Notes From Dad: Choosing Your Best Man

The minute your partner accepts your proposal the planning begins and with that comes the difficult decision of who will be the best man.

Sounds easy enough, however, it can be a difficult decision.  How not to "break ties" of friendship, and how to avoid bruised egos can be a stressful decision. This article will deal with choosing your best man and ways to avoid such stress.

First, it should always be your best friend, the one you grew up with, laughed with and cried with during your years of growth.

Second, you want someone you can trust, not that there are alot of responsibilities  being a best man, but someone who knows you and your partner so when that speech occurs, words said will come from the heart and be loving.

Third,  consult with your partner. This at times is overlooked and can lead to stressful and unnecessary problems. Your partner must feel comfortable that the best man will add a positive overtone to your wedding day.

Finally, the final decision is your, whoever you may choose, a family member or best friend remember that most best men are asked to be the Godfather of your child and you want someone you can depend on that will care for your family.