Don’t You… Forget About Me: 5 Things To Remember On Your Wedding Day

Welcome back dear bro! The big day is getting close, eh’? Yeah, we know, you have a metric crap-ton of items on your manly “Honey-Do” list for the wedding, and it can get a bit hectic. So before you crack in to that bottle of 12 year-old scotch your best man got for the bachelor party, let us here at the Manly Bands blog give you a hand. Here’s a list of the top things to remember on your wedding day!

Be Stylin’, Yo!

With everything you must buy, build, and remember to pack when it comes to your ceremony and reception (depending on how much is “DIY”, and how much you outsourced,) it’s easy to forget one of the most important parts of the whole mess: You.

This is your wedding, dog! There really isn’t another moment that will match this day in the “I need to look my best” arena.  You need a complete head-to-toe plan for your wedding day swag, including what to do with your manly face-shrubbery, exactly what nature of brotastic neckwear you will sport, and then there’s the whole suit/tux/rent/buy/wtf/bbq mess to consider. So stop for a minute, and make a list of everything you need to be the best looking bro at the ball, and pack a bag specifically for the task.

Feel free to use as a reference. We do. You know we are all about the ease and convenience of a solid online shopping experience, and these folks do it right. Not only will they help you get the perfect outfit, in the perfect size… They rent the groom’s tux free with rentals from your groomsmen! You can’t beat that deal (unless you are Manly Bands Dot Com.)

… Also don’t forget soap. You need to shower bro. Seriously.

Don’t Forget The Ice, Ice… Buddy?

Once you have yourself all put together nice and ‘purdy-like, you’ll be ready to head to the church/hall/pavilion in the woods where you and your spouse-to-be will be nuptialized… Right?

Well, kinda. See, this one depends on your specific plans for your wedding. If the ceremony and reception are at the same location, great. If not, you may need to make a pitstop along the way, or at least make a phone call. If you’re doing the whole food/drink thing on your own, it doesn’t hurt to do a quick run through to make sure everything is where it needs to be. If you have people doing it for you, then you probably want to check in with them, and make sure they have their “Ish” together. Nothing will derail your after-ceremony party quicker than realizing someone forgot the main course for dinner… Or worse… The booze.

…. And don’t forget to check your ice supply! Gotta keep them brewskies cold man!

This Is A Biggie… We Vow It.

Another big one that depends on your personal plans: Your Wedding Vows. If you plan to go the traditional route, with the pre-packaged vows that come standard with every officiator, then you are probably good… Although, you may want to check in with them before the whole shindig begins.

Now, if you opted to go the more personal route, and write your own… You’ll want to make double sure you don’t forget them. And we don’t mean reading them over and over until you have them memorized… We mean printing that sucker out and sticking it in the pocket of your jacket/shirt/ceremonial Jedi robe. It may be funny after the fact, but getting to that part of the ceremony, only to realize your vows are still in the bag on the other side of the building from you (or worse… Still on your laptop at home…) will not go over very well with your spouse-to-be at that moment.

… Hell, you have a Best Man for a reason. Make that mug earn his keep and hold your vows for you.

Something Something, We DO Sell Rings After All.

For any list of “The Top Things Not To Forget On Your Wedding Day,” the friggin’ rings will be at, or at least near, the top of said list. As amazingly important as your Manly Wedding Band (and your spouse-to-be’s hopefully also Manly Band… What? We cater to everyone bro! #No Discrimination) is to the ceremony, it can be easy to forget them in the rush of it all.

But seriously, what good will your awesome looking Spartacus be to you if the officiator is ready for you to exchange rings, and yours is still sitting in your sock drawer at the house? Don’t eff this up bro. Make a note, ask your Best Man (even if he’s already holding those wedding vows you wrote,) or put them with the rest of the stuff for your adorable ring bearer. The rings are too important, so don’t forget them.

… And the Manly Birch Box you’re keeping them in until the big day!

This Last One Should Go Without Saying… But We’ll Say It Anyway.

Yeah, we know. This is a lot to remember for one day, no matter how big a day it is. That is why you need to remember this last one: Breathe.

Stop for a moment on your big day, and just take a big, deep, breath. Send you spouse-to-be a text telling them to do the same. Spend a moment not thinking about anything wedding related, and just breathe bro.

No matter how much you plan, how many lists you make, and how much you double and triple check everything, something will get missed. It’s inevitable. We’re all human, and we can only do our best in anything we do. That is why you need to take a breath, and just be in the moment. Your “Best Day Ever” will be amazing, even with the parts that go wrong. So breathe, and walk into your wedding ready for anything.

… And seriously, don’t forget your Founder’s Line Ring from Manly Bands!

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