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Don't be a Groomhole

Don't be a Groomhole

By now you’re familiar with the concept of a Bridezilla.  Be warned, there is a male version, and he is equally terrible.  Meet the Groomhole.

While the bridezilla demonstrates unreasonable and demanding behavior, a Groomhole demonstrates  rage and aggression when provoked.

A vendor that overcharges?  Groomhole attacks.  A caterer that under delivers on crab cakes? Groomhole wreaks havoc!  Worst of all, a bartender that shuts things off early? Groom Kong strikes with a fury that no army of groomsmen can contain.

You get the picture.  Maybe the whole wedding thing can get stressful, but NEVER let it overwhelm you.  The good news is, you’re taking some time here to prepare.  So, you won’t be caught off guard and you can handle any surprise rationally.  Just to be sure, follow these three guiding principles to not losing your shit and avoiding Groomhole status.

  1. Don’t over do it.  Setting the bar too high only brings on added pressure.  Keep it simple and within reach.
  2. No matter what the situation, stay cool.  Be the rock that remains gathered in the face of chaos.  
  3. Above all, NEVER criticize your Bride.  You are a united front.  Be supportive.  Be encouraging.  Be present.  A happy wife definitely equals a happy life.

We know you’re a solid dude, so this wedding thing won’t get the better of you.  It, of course, can be trying, but you never want to take out stress on other people. If things start to get really out of hand - maybe go have a weekend getaway or do some Yoga with puppies or something...

Speaking of puppies, if you see a Bridezilla start to form in your future spouse...try this.

However it all shakes down, don't forget to plan date nights to reconnect with each other and generally have scheduled "time off" from wedding talk. It's important to remember what this event really is - forming a union with this person in front of you that you love. So don't be a Groomhole, k?