Don't Dis the Stars—Find Out About Your Wedding Astrology

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Some of us are astrology experts, while some of us only know our signs so we can contribute to casual conversations with the aforementioned experts. Even if we’re not all super familiar with it, we at least know that astrology and personality are pretty closely related. It’s fascinating stuff … but did you also know it plays a part in your wedding!?!? That’s right. Pull up a chair and let’s learn about wedding astrology. 

Astrology 101

Simply put, astrology has you studying the patterns and relationships of planets, birth charts, compatibility, and other elements to determine meanings within life. But that’s very SIMPLY put; there’s a lot more to it. If you think about it, astrology is kinda like an onion. They both have lots and lots of layers—though, can’t speak for everybody, but astrology may not make you cry the more you dig into it. Interesting to read more into on your own time but, for now, we’re only gonna scratch the surface. 

One important part of astrology is your birth chart. This chart tells ya where all the planets were in their trek around the Sun at the precise moment of your birth! Pretty cool, right? Your birth time, date, and place determine your planet, sign, and house, which are just the 12 segments of the chart. This birth chart can be used to understand a lot about you … including relationships!  When it comes to loooooooooove, Venus is the most important planet. Identifying Venus’s sign and house in your birth chart goes a long way toward showing wanted opportunities, desires, and traits within relationships. 

Let’s say you’re a Taurus Venus. That’s a pretty solid combo, and you’re gonna be extremely romantic searching for a supportive relationship. Saggitarius Venus will search for an adventurous partner with an impeccable sense of humor. And so on. 

Wedding Charts and Signs

Get this … weddings have charts, just like births! The date, time, and location of your wedding can be analyzed and determine compatibilities, traits, and soooooo much more. Your birth and your wedding both signify new beginnings—or, in the case of your birth, THE beginning, to get technical—of your life, so that’s one connection. 

When astrologers check out your chart, Venus, the aforementioned planet of love, and the moon are what they look at first. Everything then kinda falls into place after that. Venus is better in certain signs (Taurus, Libra, etc.) than others (Scorpio or Aries), and, ideally, you don’t see Venus or Mercury in retrograde. 

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Now, let’s make like Ace of Base and see the signs. There are 12 of them—Aquarius, Pisces, Aries, Taurus, Gemini, Cancer, Leo, Virgo, Libra, Scorpio, Saggitarius, and Capricorn—and each “sign” makes up a roughly one-month period over the course of the year. So, your wedding date is going to have a sign and, just like your birthday, any accompanying traits of that sign. 

If you get married between May 21st and June 20th, your sign is a Gemini. You’re gonna be chat-chat-chatting all throughout your lovely marriage, and you two will always be looking to try new things together. And what about those married between July 23rd and August 22nd? You roaring Leos will likely have a dramatic marriage full of passion. What do you expect when two pride leaders come together?

This can play a pretty important role in picking your wedding date. Some couples want to make sure they get married within their certain signs, so the stars align and all that. Others don’t pay it any mind. It’s up to you and your partner to decide. If it’s something you’re interested in, an astrologer can look at your charts and do their thang to show you and your partner the best 2021 wedding dates based on astrology.


The Orion Meteorite Wedding Ring

The Orion Meteorite Wedding Ring

Wedding Rings and Astrology

You wanna take it a step further? You can even use your birth and wedding charts to pick your wedding ring! That’s right, dude—you can use all those traits and capabilities from your birth and wedding charts when deciding on a ring! This can help you find the perfect match based on your personality

A loud personality like Leo could use a lovely and colorful cerakote wedding band, while a Cancer, with the hard crab exoskeleton shielding their personality at times, should get a traditional-looking ring with a sleeve like The McKinley. Oh, and our beautiful meteorite wedding rings are another excellent option for lovers of astrology because … duh ... they came from outer bleeping space!! Find a ring that speaks to YOUR sign today!

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