Eloping 101: Tips on Finding the Perfect Vegas-Inspired Men’s Wedding Ring

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What’s that? You’re pulling the traditional lovebird move and eloping in Vegas? First off, congrats! Second, let’s be serious: Are you one-hundred-percent sure of yourself? Sorry, we felt like we had to ask. If it feels right, all power to you, and here’s to you making the most of your Vegas elopement. It’s sure to be an incredible time, from hitting up one of the famous chapels to partying it up along The Strip

It might be a different kind of party compared to the last time you went with your bros — as in, you might not visit certain clubs for gentlemen, but who’s to say what will happen?   

Well, however, the night and the days to follow pan out, whether gambling the day away, hopping from bar to bar, or spending the weekend locked away in your hotel room, you can make the most memorable elopement. But, to begin, you’ll need to get the right men’s wedding ring. Here are a few options tailored to your Vegas persona. 

Mr. Traditional

You’re the guy who doesn’t beat around the bush. You drink an Old Fashioned, a Gin Martini, or a Manhattan wherever you go. You don’t hedge your bets while playing poker, but you’re also not going to gamble the whole bank away. Gold wedding rings are perfect for you, as you want to maintain the classic, masculine style that pairs with Bermuda shorts, a tuxedo, a business suit, or a bathrobe on a Sunday morning. 

The Sensitive Lover

You’re the guy who cried at that one Vegas residency show. You love your spouse with every bit of your heart, all until there is nothing left. You’re also the guy who fell in love with that stripper after she complimented your haircut, and your friends haven’t let you forget it to this day. 

Rose gold wedding bands are perfect for this man, as they allow you to maintain a traditional style while adding a little flair. The vibrant rose tint allows this ring to truly shine, emoting your love to everyone around you. 

 The Astronaut Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

The Astronaut Cobalt Chrome Wedding Band

The One in a Million

You’re always the life of the party. You’re the guy whose name everyone remembers. You never go unseen and you are as unique as men can be. If this is you, you’ll definitely need a meteorite ring. One of a kind, irreplaceable, and impossible to duplicate. Plus, you’ll be wearing a part of the universe on your finger.

Remember that last time when you were in Vegas and you and your friends drove out into the desert, dropped some substances and camped out for the night, staring at the stars, lost in the mystery of history, life and the universe? Here’s your chance to relive that moment for the rest of your life!

The Casino Floor Warrior 

You're the guy who can’t be stopped once he starts gambling, and who always manages to win. You’re a high roller whose lifestyle shows it. Nothing can stop you when you’re on a roll. You achieve, and you earn respect from those around you. And, dammit, you’re not afraid to show off your style. 

Diamond wedding bands are perfect if you’re this type of guy. Do you want style, bling, and a sign of wealth? Look no further than diamonds. Diamonds might be a girl’s best friend, but they sure do look good when wrapped around your finger. 

vegas wedding chapel sign

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The All-Night Party

Okay. So you don’t remember your last three trips to Vegas. You got lost in a haze of alcohol and illegal drugs over the course of a week. You woke up one morning in a fountain and another morning wearing your pants as a shirt and your shirt as pants. You lose your wallet at every bar and casino, and you’ve left Vegas with recurring “gifts” you’ll carry for the rest of your life. 

We get it, bud. Life is fun. A silicone wedding ring is essential if you’re this guy. At only $30, your spouse won’t want to kill you if you lose it at some unknown bar. And don’t worry about spilled beer or falling on the floor. Your ring will be safe, no matter what you put it through. 

Man Up, Put A Ring On That Finger!

Find the Manliest Ring for Your Finger

There’s no time like the present — you certainly know this if you’re eloping during a week away in Vegas. Find the perfect wedding ring to make your Vegas elopement as perfect as possible. 

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