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Father's Day Ring Buying Guide

Father's Day Ring Buying Guide

Manly Bands is all about crafting quality Men's Wedding Bands for you to wear after your nuptials have been nuptial-ized. It's what we do. As a happy side-effect, that means we have amazing rings that work great for a wide variety of men, in a wide variety of situations... Like your Manly Dad, and the wonderful celebration known as Father's Day (which is coming up June 16th this year!)

In honor of Dad, and all he has done for you, Manly Bands is proud to present our Father's Day Ring Buying Guide, complete with a sweet $30 off your order of $200 or more! Let's dive in.


Maybe your Dad is the type who truly enjoys the finer things in life. His tastes are refined, and only the best will do for him, especially on Fathers Day.

Sounds like the type of Man who would love one of our amazing rings from our Whiskey Barrel Collection.

These rings are unique, stylish, and pack the kind of distinguished flair reserved for only the best. In fact, you may want to make sure Dad is enjoying a nice glass of single-malt when you hand him his gift. 



ring and grove“Simple” is a term that has earned a bad reputation. But in truth, especially in today's age of new and fancy everything, getting back to a few simple basics can be a true breath of fresh air. Simple is uncomplicated, straight to the point, and always reliable. Kinda sounds like a certain Manly Man you know, doesn't it? Maybe it's time to treat Dad to one of the sleek, simple Wood Rings of our amazing Gentleman's Reserve Collection. A perfect gift to pair with those cigars you've been saving for just the right moment.



Times are certainly changing, and while the future looks bright, sometimes the oldGentlemans ring ways are still the best ways. That old-school work ethic of yesterday, the commitment to family, and always standing by your word.

Yeah, a true Classic can be an incredible sight to see.

For the Dad who's ageless wisdom and fearless dedication helped shape who you are today, we proudly present our Classic Collection of Men's Rings, fit for a Man as timeless as he is awesome.



We all know they broke the mold when they made your Dad, so why not go all out on his gift this year, and score him a ring as one-of-a-kind as he is? We can craft a lot of great Custom Rings here at Manly Bands, and we offer tons of incredible engraving options, including (as listed by our Chief Executive Officer Of Awesomeness):

Engraving options for custom rings:

  • Coordinates from a significant place
  • Fingerprint engraving
  • Sound-wave engraving (yup we totally just said that)
  • Roman numerals
  • City skylines
  • Handwritten messages

    The one downside of putting together one of these beauties... Is time. They custom-ringrequire a 4-5 week lead time, so on Father's Day itself, you may need to hand Dad a copy of your order... with perhaps a mock-up picture of the finished product, and let him know the expected ETA of his amazing ring... Unless you pay for a rush order... We'll leave that decision up to you.

    Honestly, we could list any of our collections here, and find a great match for nearly every amazing Dad out there. But, we'd rather save you some reading time, and let you get to what really matters: Finding the perfect gift for the Man who was there for you before any other. Happy shopping, and if we can be of any assistance, feel free to Contact Us right away. We take our customer service very seriously here at Manly Bands, so put us to the test. We'll give you our best, so you can give Dad THE best.