Five Benefits to Personalizing Your Wedding Ring

Let’s be honest with ourselves for a minute … we’ve all spent some time online shopping and customizing items we aren’t actually going to purchase, right? It’s kinda fun to design your favorite team’s jersey with your name on the back, your dream car, or a pair of fresh sneakers. But usually the final product with all those sick add-ons is a bit out of your budget. *sad face* Well, get this … at Manly Bands, you can have all the fun customizing and personalizing one of our wedding bands AND purchase it without breaking the bank! *happy face*

Customized Zirconium Cobalt Wedding Ring

Customized Zirconium Cobalt Wedding Ring

Increased Sentimental Value

So, what exactly are the benefits to customizing your wedding ring? One clear benefit is that it increases your ring’s sentimental value. Many materials we use to make our customizable wedding bands can be engraved with whatever the wearer desires. Common engravings include dates, phrases, skylines, fingerprints, soundwaves, and GPS coordinates.

You want to engrave your hometown skyline? Done. What about the date of your first date, engagement, or wedding? Say no more. A soundwave of your partner saying “I love you” or some other phrase? You got it, bro. After customizing your ring with our awesome engraving services, it’ll become even closer to your heart and mean more than it already does. And you can’t put a price tag on that!

Allergies and Sensitive Skin

Do you have a nickel allergy or sensitive skin? Don’t worry, man, you’re not alone. With a nickel allergy or sensitive skin in general, you can’t wear many types of jewelry without suffering a reaction. It’s a bummer, but fortunately your friendly online wedding band company has a solution. Create your own custom wedding ring!

Let’s say you found a badass wedding band, but you can’t wear it because it’ll give you a rash. Well, you can create something similar using a different material that won’t irritate your skin! This way, you can still get the look and feel you want. The best materials for those sensitive skin and/or nickel allergies are titanium, black zirconium, wood, and cobalt chrome ... all of which we have in spades!


You’re in the driver’s seat when you order a custom wedding band. You can control everything about it, from the metals and designs to the size and engravings. This is great for the perfectionists and everybody who struggles to find something that is juuuuuuuuuust right. After all, bro, wedding rings are very personal and a major investment. It’s only right you want to be in control of how it looks and feels.

Expression of Creativity

When you customize your own wedding band, you get to express your creativity. It doesn’t matter how well you did in art class growing up, bro; any custom band made with us automatically gets an A+. It can even be a joint process with your partner, so you two can work together to turn “your” ring into “our” ring.

There are so many ways to get creative when customizing a wedding band with us. Like, so many, bro. First, you choose the metal. Lots of badass options, and you can even choose a precious metal like rose gold, but these will cost a bit more. Then, you can add an inlay. More badass options like meteorite, dinosaur, antler, and carbon fiber. You can throw on a colorful sleeve, then top it off with an engraving. The ring is your canvas, and you’re the artist. Get that brush ready and let’s start painting, dude.

Personalized Wedding Rings Are One of One

The last reason to personalize your wedding band ... they’re one of a kind. Nobody you know or meet will have the same ring as you. Your ring deserves to be one of a kind, just like you, bro. However, this can be a problem since it means you can’t return it … we can’t resell someone else’s custom creation.

The Kennedy Solid Gold Wedding Ring

The Kennedy Solid Gold Wedding Ring

With all those awesome and badass benefits to personalizing your wedding band, what are you waiting for? Order your custom wedding ring today to make your ring feel like YOUR ring! It’s so easy ... once the ordering process has been completed, your wedding band will be on your doorstep before you know it! If you have any other questions about custom wedding rings, hit us up here. We’re always ready to help you.

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