Give the Gift of Marriage: Eight Rings That Are Perfect for a Christmas Proposal

Hey there, did you know that December is the most popular month of the year for proposals? Think about it ... makes sense, right? Christmas is super romantic. The snow is beautiful (when you’re not shoveling), the decorations are ornate, and everybody is in a merry, festive mood. When you factor in all that, Christmas is the perfect storm for a wedding proposal

If you want to propose during Christmas, you need the right piece of jewelry. That’s where we come in. At Manly Bands, we have a ton of unique wedding bands for couples that will make this Christmas one you’ll never forget. We’re here to help you find the perfect ring before dropping to one knee under the mistletoe, so read below to learn more!

The Robin Hood and The Daredevil

The Robin Hood and Daredevil are two rings that are absolutely perfect for Christmas proposals. They are both made of Damascus steel, so they’ll stand out and pop like the lights on the tree. But what REALLY makes them perfect for a Christmas proposal is their coloring. The Robin Hood has a beautiful green inlay, while The Daredevil features a red pattern circling the ring. Everybody knows green and red are synonymous with Christmas, so it’s like they were purposely designed for the holidays!  

The Convertible and The Charge

The Convertible and The Charge are the yin to the Hawk and Syndicate’s yang. The Convertible has a red interior, while The Charge is green on the inside. These black zirconium rings have a satin finish that give them a beautiful darker exterior, unlike the silver color of the two Damascus steel rings. If you want the seasonal interior with a little less flash on the outside, these are the rings for you. 

The Artist

Green and red are not the only important Christmas colors. Purple is the color of Advent, which is the season observed leading up to Christmas in anticipation of Jesus Christ’s birth. If you want a purple ring to match this glorious time of observance, The Artist is the ring for you. This black zirconium ring is finished and coated with a purple sleeve that gives it a beautiful and unique shine. Purple is also the color of royalty, so you’ll feel like one of the Three Kings with The Artist on your finger. 

Aspen Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Aspen Damascus Steel Wedding Ring

The Aspen 

Our Aspen wedding bands are another excellent option for any holiday proposals. This ring is also made of Damascus steel, and is perfect for an outdoor proposal in the snowy mountains or by the frozen lake. What makes this ring really unique is the deer antler center. And what animal is always associated with Christmas? Reindeer! The combination of an ornate deer antler pattern and glistening silver band will have your future spouse in awe. 

DISCLAIMER: None of Santa’s reindeer were harmed during the making of your Aspen. We promise. 

The Original

An important part of the holidays are traditions and consistency. Each year, many wear the same ugly Christmas sweater, eat the same Christmas meals and desserts, watch the same Christmas movies, and listen to the same Christmas music. Sometimes, this is what’s best ... the classics are that way for a reason. If you’re a person of tradition, The Original is a wedding band for you. This cobalt chrome ring is as reliable as Michael Buble’s Christmas Album or A Christmas Vacation ... it’s guaranteed to be a hit. 

The Solo

What does your perfect Christmas entail? Do you want to spend it at home, nestled up by the fire, or would you rather be out in the mountains surrounded by snow and pine trees? If you answered the latter, The Solo is your perfect proposal wedding ring. This cobalt chrome ring features a beautiful satin finish, which makes it really stand out. But what REALLY makes it stand out is the ornate tree carvings. It doesn’t specifically say they’re Christmas trees, but they may as well be. With this on your finger, you’ll always feel like you are walking through a winter wonderland.

proposal to woman on christmas

Now that you’ve read about all our perfect wedding rings for holiday proposals, you’re ready to pick one out for yourself and make this a Christmas for the ages. If you need information about purchasing, shipping––or anything else, really––refer to our FAQ page or hit us up directly. We’re here to make sure that gift from Santa *wink wink* is extra special this year. 

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