Guys, You Deserve Your Dream Wedding Too

When people talk weddings, it's easy to assume they are mostly talking about the bride. Some girls grow up cutting pictures of their favorite wedding dresses out of magazines and imagining what their perfect day will be like. It's easy for guys to take a step back and let their brides have the full spotlight and get everything they want, but don't's your day too! You deserve at least a sliver of the spotlight, and that includes having the details you want to make yourself the leading man.

Your Dream Tux Is Out There

You will be looking at the pictures from your wedding for years to come. You don't want to just throw on some rental tux and forget about it, do you? Nah, you want to look sharp to make lifetime memories. Don't deny you've been thinking about your tux and accessories almost as much as your fiancee has been musing on her dress. There are nearly as many options for a wedding day suit as there are for gowns. Do you go classic black or choose a stylish gray or navy? Perhaps you want a bright color to shock guests. Shawl collars give a stylish James Bond look to any tux, and notch lapels are a more classic choice. This is your time to shine, and how often do you get to wear a tux? Make it your moment.

Accessories Make the Man

Consider the tux the base of your wedding day look. It sets the stage for the overall feel of your ensemble. The accessories are the spice that complete it. There are all sorts of choices that can dress a tux up or down. Sleek cufflinks and the right bow tie can take you from afternoon garden party groom to wedding star. Color-coordinate with the rest of your wedding party with a tasteful silk pocket square, or stand out from the crowd with a top hat or fedora.

The Shoes Seal the Deal

Shoes are more than something to protect you from getting cold feet on the day of your nuptials. There are plenty of stylish offerings of men's dress shoes to go with a tux. A loafer is a casual option that some consider to be more comfortable. Oxfords are classic lace-up shoes that give you a classy look to tear it up on the dance floor, and a derby is a more modern lace-up with hip appeal. The style you choose is not as important as the material. Do you want an earthy suede poking out from the bottom of your pants or a snazzy patent leather?

The Lord of Your Own Ring

Your wedding tux and accessories will only be worn for a day, but you are going to wear your wedding ring forever. Don't you want it to be the perfect band to match your personality and style? You don't want a wimpy ring that is overly plain or looks like your wife might want to wear it too. You want a manly wedding ring that will stand the test of time, just like your marriage. One example is ring maker, Manly Bands, providing exactly that to grooms everywhere. They have a great selection of unique men's wedding bands made from rugged materials like tungsten, titanium and even antlers. These rings keep their appeal when years have passed, your tux no longer fits, and one of your cufflinks has been long gone down the kitchen sink drain.

Make your day as memorable for you as it is for your bride. Look as perfect in photos as she does and get the ring that you will be proud to wear for the rest of your lives together.

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